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How To Capture Your Lover’s Heart

At first, let us agree that women love what they hear, while men love what they see. Nowadays, girls and women are preoccupied with study, work, invitations and parties.        The most exhausting thing for the girl is to find a lover who can really love her. The woman completely believes that man likes her external appearance more than her inner beauty.

How To Capture Your Lover's Heart

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– We know that emotional relationships are determined by fate and destiny but surely you have a role or at least, work out your part.

– what are the effective tips for the girl to capture her lover’s heart???

– Can girls take the old-fashioned way of love like dating then let love develops normally???

– Do you have enough patience to wait for a result???

Many questions, you have to get their answers to realize the best way to capture such man’s heart.


Do you want to meet you soul mate???

Nowadays, only naive girls and fools leave love to its normal track. So you have to take a different action. You have to deal with the matter in a way suits your favor or you will live the rest of your life in accompany of your parents.


 Now you can make him blindly fall in love with you but there are some tips:

Be careful, the exaggerate enthusiasm in the first meeting with your lover is one of relation failure causes. So, do not try to smile nor try to show over politeness more than the usual.

You have to choose the proper time of love for you both.

– You have to ask for love indirectly and without disturbance as men hate frequent insisting and you will find no response.

– You have to be confident and have a strong character. Never be weak in front of him or make him feel your weaknesses.

– Trust yourself and be caring.

– share his cares and affairs. Be a little bit ambiguous. That will make him get curious to know more about you.

– Do not say “I Love you” much. As if it is repeated much, it will lose its meaning and brightness and he would get familiar with it.

– Attract him to your inner beauty and make him notice it rather than your outer one.

– Be sober because men like the women who has a strong conceited character other wise they will be arrogant and haughty.

– Surely girls are kind-hearted creatures. Their shyness increases their beauty. Thus, make him admire your shyness and meekness.

– Make your lover feel that you are his loyal friend, meek sister. Be everything for him. Show mother’s care and wife’s obedience and share.

– Be smart in your actions and behaviors. Behave normally and never be simulated. Men really like smart and intelligent women.

How To Capture Your Lover's Heart

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For your outer appearance

– The perfect appearance of the clothes should be;

– Attractive

– Comfortable

– Give self-confidence

– Reflect the social law

– Reflect your style and personality.


It is known that complexion is the secret of women’s beauty.

That’s why; you have to take care of your face beauty and the pureness of your complexion and its brightness. You have to clean up your skin regularly.

– Use the appropriate cream for your skin. It is always affected by sun rays and get darker so you can use a suitable sunscreen cream.

– Keep your complexion always washed and cleaned.

– You have to use cosmetics in a way in which you appear simple and beautiful. And you can only depend one your natural beauty.

By doing so, it would reflect your external beauty beside you inner one.

Now your lover’s heart is in your hand. Enjoy your life with your lover who falls in love with you. Remember, share is care.


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Blogger Vs Wordpress Competition.

Nowadays a lot of peoples who know about Blogging or Article writing on the World wide web always ask the questions about two Blogging platform. They are Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger vs wordpress competition

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In this Article, I will be trying to show you about differences between WordPress and blogger Blogging platform. Just read the below details and take to good decision and make your future bright.


Blogger or Blog spot is an easy to use blogging platform from the world’s top website ” GOOGLE “. It is well known by everybody who is newer and love the Google around the internet world. It is absolutely free of charge for everyone without any money asking from the Google.

If you are a well Blogger and do fear about hacking your Blog and losing your data then you should must use the Blogger platform to secure your Blog and data.

There is no zero percent chances to attack of viruses, worms and Trojans to your Blog. You can do the tension free work by this great online blogging platform and make your blogging future bright.

There are some best themes and gadgets for your blogging platform you can use all of them free of charge and make your Blog look more beautiful by adding theme and gadget.

There is no need to learn any kind of complicated coding and scripting language to make your Blog working in smartest way. Simply drag and drop to click and install like themes and gadgets you can use easily.

Above were the advantages and now  I am telling you about disadvantages of Blogger platform. Check these and make the decision from your side.

There are some limitations like you can easily loss the design or theme you have hardly customized without any notification.

There is no user friendly environment of your editing of Posts. You should must do it manual and hardly to do it which is time consuming all the time.

As We know, Blogger is totally free and beware that Google can Block your Blog without notice or warning and  you will loss all of your hardly typed and designed Blog easily in instant way.

Now, I am telling you about the very fast growing Blogging platform of WordPress in these days. First of all, Read the advantages of this Blogging platform here.

There are two names you will find if you try to search from Google Search. They are and Similarly, They both are from same company and there is not any big difference between between these two platforms. Simply, works online and you can use it from any where around the world easily  just by log in from your use id and password and make your blogging. It is totally free of cost for everybody who join this  blogging platform.

And, provides you the downloadable software which can be run from your own personal computer. You can do the blogging offline from your computer and later you can upload the posts to your hosting provider for showing your Blog publicly. Then anybody can see your blog on internet easily.

Blogger vs wordpress competition

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You can use this software to install the free and paid themes, plugins and many more easily. You know that WordPress is an open source free program which can be easily change, alter, reproduce and redistribute without and copyright law and permission.

It is very well kind of Blogging platform and more than 20 percents of websites are made with this blogging software. You can make beautiful blogs easily and publish on the web.

You can easily customized themes, plugins, pictures, posts, sound and other things with its software easily from your own computer.

The main advantage of the WordPress is that you can make it your future and there are a lot of peoples around the world who are making money by doing the Blogging work. They are making huge profit just by writing the articles on their blog.

Now, Read about the disadvantages of WordPress blogging platform.

You must pay the annual fees to your hosting company for your hosting space and domain name you have given in started of the Blog.

There is no Guarantee of the hacking of your Blog from your hosting provider. They will not assure you about this matter but you must ask about the security and virus free hosting before taking decision to make any domain and web hosting.

If you are a beginner than it is hard to do the customization of the theme you have selected for you blog. Just try to do the Blogging with in the early days of Blogging. This will be best for your learning purpose.

At last, Dear friends, If you want to make Blogging as your career and you are thinking about making some good income then you must come into the Blogging field and join the and change your life with great field.


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Great Online Job.

If you are a professional programmer and have full command and experience in your niche or field. And you do not have any good job to fulfill your financial dreams or tired to giving more and more time.

Great online job

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Or, You have a big company and want to make any kind of software, website or project for it. You go to software houses and collect a lot of quotations. You have tired to take decision about selection the best company to work for your project and not satisfied from their services.

Simply, Internet has solved this problem for you and you can get all your required job, quotations and services in instant way without paying any big amount of money.

I am here introducing today to you some best websites overview in which you can simply register free of charge in couple of minutes and can give you services or take from other peoples who are stay on these websites every time online.

These the the top rated and well know websites which can be fulfill your requirements in instant way. They are




These above websites are also known as ” Freelancing websites “. You must visit these websites if you want to make some real money and can make some extra profit by providing your services without any obligation.

You can select any of the category or topic you are writing like Web designing, Forex trading, Content writing, Blogging and Graphics etc. There are hundreds of categories available for you. Just select the required category and do the work.

You must apply for their services by signing up on their website they will provide you an user id and password to log in for further work. It is best to do this work from anywhere around the world. There is not any specific restrictions to do the work. You simply read the terms and conditions about any job you are applying to work.


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