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Skill Of Self-Healing Acupressure

For this method of healing, you need only your fingers and a little effort. Once you learn its basics, it will help you to have more energy during the day, to prepare your body to renew during the night and to remove the most common health problems.

Skill Of Self-Healing Acupressure

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Whether it is a frequent headaches, slower digestion or backache, this practical method can help us in maintaining optimal health.

Simply put, such as on the physical level blood flowing through the blood system, on the energy level we are composed of a multitude of channels (nadis/meridians) which flows the energy that gives us life (prana, chi, qi) and such as for example in the case of cholesterol, it results in formation of a blockage in the blood stream (because cholesterol sticks to the walls of the circulatory system and thus precipitates), also on the energy level, the modern lifestyle (such as reduced movement, improper nutrition, stress) leads to blockages that impede the normal flow of energy through the meridians. On this principle is based most of Eastern healing techniques. Along the meridians there are certain points, where the blockade of certain organs can be removed by pressing these points.

I was thrilled by acupressure because of its simplicity and effectiveness. When you begin with applying this method, be without fear because acupressure is primarily simple and secure while you perform on yourself or on others, even if you are a complete beginner. There are no side effects, and the only equipment you need is your fingers.

By pressing certain points on the palms and feet, as well as on the rest of the body, the blockages of energy flow, can be removed in the organs or systems on which the item works.

As when we want to have the light by touching the particular electric switch, current begins to move to the preferred bulb and it lights up, the same is with a pressure to specific points on the body by which we can activate nerves that carry signals to the target organs. When the energy blockages are removed in certain meridian, then it improves circulation and thus a comprehensive work of the organs in which we operate.

Points of most often problems…



With the thumbs press area behind the temples, about one inch behind the hairline. Slowly circling twenty minutes with deep breathing. Pressing these points we can help prevent and stop most types of headaches. Headache will be resolved and by pressing acupressure points for brain, pineal and pituitary, which are located on the peaks of feet and hand thumbs, one below the other. Press with your fingernail rather than the pad of the thumb. Treating these points, you will improve concentration and memory also.

Pain and tension in neck

If you imagine that the thumb represents the head, it will be easier for you to remember that joint at the root of the thumb is connected with your neck. To prevent or eliminate tension in neck, regular press area around the joint on the hands and feet.


At the outside of the hand between the bones of thumb and index finger, there is an area that offers us insight into the balance of the body work. For example, inflammation represents imbalances. By pressing the recess between the bones from the place where they touch all the way to the top, we can act on the lower back, middle back and shoulder belt.

Interference in digestion

Between the bones of the thumb and index finger on the inside of the palm, there is an area associated with stomach. It is easy to determine the same area on foot. Since the stomach is located in the middle of the hull, point to it is located in the middle of the foot. With regular treatment of these points, you will resolve all stomach problems, such as excessive secretion of gastric acid and slow digestion. But in order that effect would be maximal, remember that you should not press that area immediately after meals.

Tension and sciatica

How often you feel tense? Can you imagine that there is a magical point on the body by which pressure, the tension could be disappeared? Good news for you, this item actually exists! It is located at the root of the middle toe. It’s often ignored also by those who have tended to massage the entire feet. This point is too important because it not only clears mental tension, nor by its activation we can also improve the work of the sciatic nerve.

Acupressure For Headache

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Start to apply these methods today! Acupressure helps us to feel good and to be healthy. It is intended for everyone regardless of gender and age. You can apply it whenever you want. With deep breathing, press desired point with the tip of the thumb, every second during minute. One minute is sufficient to activate the point. Then move to another point. Acupressure is a technique that will enrich the life of long-term health. Purpose is to expel toxins, improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to every cell and thereby, the body is stimulated by self-healing.

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How To Live Well And Be Happy

In these days mostly peoples are very confused about their life. They are unhappy and sad in their life and think how to make it easier and tension-free for long time without making any big experiments.

How to live well and be happy

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In this article, I will try to show you some useful tips and tricks to avoid the tensions and live well for long time. You must try these tips and tricks once and you will really find these helpful. These tips are show below.

In every night before going to sleep you must watch the stars on sky and think about their creativity by God. You will get good experience by doing this trick. I really do it mostly when I become unhappy.

2. Do change you rooms furniture setting frequently and this will give you a new and fresh environment and you will feel very comfortable in your life.

3. Never do speedy work on your daily basis and keep your some work to do on later hours this will avoid your tiredness and you will get restful life.

4. Do the Gardening in your lawn, park or garden and this is the best work for your health too. You will be very amazed and relaxed by doing this nice trick.

5. Always try to help others in anyway at least one time in a day or a week. You will get a best result after helping someone. It is the best humanity and everybody love it.

6. Avoiding the Greed is best trick ignoring the headache and tensions in your life. Always try to smile every time even you are a poor or rich person.

7. Always live with all those things you have possessed instead of wishing the things you don’t have in your life.

8. Love the Pets like Fishes, Cats and Dogs and never capture the birds for your cage. Just see the birds on sky and get the well experience of their fly.

9. You must visit the historical places near your town or city and read the stories of their founders who is not among us.

10. Always get the dress you like very comfortable instead of having the heavy and uncomfortable fashioned dress.

11. Exchange the gifts from others and give them some wishes and happiness in your life. This is the best trick to live well and become a happy person for long time.

12. Always think better and positive about other peoples and never create any wrong and doubtful image about others. This will grow your tensions and unhappiness about others.

13. Always sleep well and never disturb it because it gives you better relaxation all the time.

14. Think better and get better. It is the key to success and happy for life time without any tensions.

15. Be smile. It is a must have thing for everybody who is facing the unhappy life experience. They must follow this trick. It gives us the better success and relaxation in our life and We give good change in our happiness.

How to live well and be happy

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