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The Seven Wonders Of The God About Human

One day, a teacher has asked her pupils to write a short essay about ” the seven Wonders”.

The Seven Wonders Of The World

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Although ways of thinking differ from one pupil to another, the majority of pupils’ writings were about the following landmarks:

1- The Giza pyramids in Egypt

2- Taj Mahal in India

3- Grand Canyon – Colorado – United States

5- Flute Empire State – New York

6- Peter Basilica Italy Cathedral

7- Wall of China


While the teacher was gathering the papers, she noticed that one of the girl hasn’t finished yet.

“Do you have any problem in completing the seven wonders, dear? “The teacher said.

Replied the girl, saying: ” yes, teacher, somewhat. As I have found them too many.”

“Well…., Read what you have finished and we will help you in writing the rest?” the teacher replied.

Firstly, the girl hesitated for a while, and then started to read:

I think that the Seven Wonders are the following:”

– To see

– To hear

– To touch things

– To taste

– To feel

– To laugh

– To love

When the girl has finished her words, there was a complete silence spread in class.

Common sense

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She continued saying:

“Such great things, that God has granted us, we have accustomed to their presence as usual in our life, are the real wonders that can not be built by hands or bought by money. They are simply inside us. Everybody can see them within.

Can you imagine as if they don’t exist? And imagine that you live without seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or laughing or even without love. Many people have already lost one of such God’s graces or more but surely they suffer much. It’s worthy to thank God for All blesses He gives us and all the graces we are living in. Thanks, God”

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