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Basic rules when using Eye Liner

The Eye Liner or a specific eye all the colors of the main make-up tools that highlight the beauty of the eyes, however, it must be ground rules when using eyeliner to avoid the mistakes that a lot of women fall during the usage and give the result is satisfactory.

Basic rules when using Eye Liner

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– Do not exaggerate in determining the bottom of the eye

The exaggeration in determining the bottom of the eyes, especially with the use of dark colors, you may make your eyes seem smaller. It also becomes easy some Alltkhat appearance eyes down. If you would like to determine the bottom of the eye, it is recommended using a light pen to get the perfect view. It also recommended that you use brown or dark gray.

– Drawing Eye Liner evenly

The ability to draw a line evenly, avoid access to external corners of the eyes, it may cause the highlight skin folds, and lack of access to soft and uneven line. As well advised not to close the eyes while drawing Eye Liner to ensure equal access to the line faster. Also, when using the gel liner, use a slanted brush to get a soft and smooth line.

– Invasion Liner color

Set white eyes down the eye works like magic to give the eyes a broader look. Use Alai liner pencils in white or light colors on the lower lashes.

– Type of Eye Liner

Eye Liner pens are best suited if you hurry, they are the fastest and easiest to use without any Tltkhat The gel liner, they are best suited to the views ideal for concerts, they are resistant to water, and allow to control the thickness of the line above the eyes.

As for liquid eye liner, is an innovative type of Eye Liner, which is the most accurate, but they need to be a steady hand to paint. If you are a beginner, use a gel liner, instead of the liquid.

Basic rules when using Eye Liner

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

– Instability of Eye Liner

To ensure the stability of Eye Liner, Liner draw Eye using a pen or a small brush, and then install the nationalist line using the appropriate color powder under the eyelids. To keep it steady for a longer period, a national passing shadow brush eyelids first in Vaseline.

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