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Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

If you want to be successful in this coming year, give yourself some precious moments of pure happiness and enjoyment…

Due to our holiday, all of us have been more catched by euphoria because of the many celebrations. In addition to satisfaction, it brings us, of course, a certain amount of stress.

Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

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We should not forget about our health, and no matter how much your daily planner of obligations has been cluttered, you need to find a little time to yourself.

So give yourself these moments of pure happiness, enjoyment and relaxation!


As much as you’re busy every day, at least steal a little time to yourself. Leastways an hour, turn off your phone, find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Let it be a park, walk in the woods, in your garden, room in which you will be locked, it does not matter. Listen to yourself, create a feeling that you are self-sufficient and not dependent from anyone, and love yourself and everything around you. Develop the love of self and begin to appreciate yourself more. You will see how you can enjoy a quiet and positive energy.


Do not rush at all costs that the you finish the faster everything you listed – stop, listen to the music of street performers, admire the street that shines under the New Year decorations … Remember, life is what happens to us while we are planning something else! So, raise the awareness of each moment.


Take time for a good book. Immerse yourself in the wisdom or a nice story that takes place somewhere far away, in another world … Besides you will experience the beautiful emotions and spend quality time resting your eyes, exhausted from the intense exposure to the light of your phone and computer.


You may not sound like a present, but you will be surprised how much one skipping meals, may do you well, especially during the holidays. When you feel hungry a few hours, you will know to appreciate food that surrounds you and remember that not everyone has the chance to treat themselves for the holidays a rich cuisine.


You can not imagine how in a small space and without any additional investment, you can give to your body a better health and feelings. It is essential that you are doing the exercises slowly and consciously in accordance with breathing. If your problem is to stand most of the exercises you can do also in a seated or lying positions. While you exercise, alert attention to activate each part of your body. Each exercise that you do, only do within the limits of your comfort zone. The exercises don’t have to last long but it is important to take a little time every day for your body. Do not strain yourself, it is important to enjoy in every move. After a useful exercises, treat yourself to a nice and warm bath with your favorite scents. Let your body relax completely, and feel the effects of effectively worked exercises.

Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

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The stars in the night sky

Give yourself a true mystic and spiritual moment! Find a place with which you have a beautiful view of the starry sky, lie down and watch them. It will remind you of the fascination of the universe and of life and how we are actually small in this big, beautiful planet. Start to think positively what you want to achieve in the coming year and set yourself in a positive frequency. Create for yourself a good feelings and emotions. Put yourself in feeling as if you are in some fairy tale and make a wish! Wake up the child in yourself and be your own wizard.

The point of above is to take your time in the most creative way. Prices every fraction of a second of time you have available for yourself. Be aware of every moment.

May this January is the month to remember! Happy New Year to all!


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Catch Your Life With A Positive Vibrations

Many people want to be healthy, to feel happiness, joy, love, wealth, abundance… to live life to the fullest…  but somehow sometimes there are not so succeed in some areas of theirs  life.

Rock your life

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Why is this so?

Let me help You understand just a little bit…

There is the Universe…

Our Galaxy…

and our planet…

and individuals…..

And inside of our body are organ systems…

and than there are the cells…


…atoms …

and at the end there is energy


So there a lots of level to talk about but being aware of it or not, everything in universe is energy…

Someone can feel it, someone can see it , but only what is matter for you is your faith in good and feeling good,  knowledge  that every single thing in our materialistic world comes from our head, from our mind, from our energy vibrations.

So the simplest: If u think and if you feel positive you will attract the positive things in your life.

But if you think and feel in negative way in some particular areas of your life you will attract negative and bad things…  Everything is about

Frequency waves which are u sending to the universum … and to which it responds to you…

So, whether you think positively or negatively in any case you are right because your thoughts and vibration shape reality…

One exercise for the start:

Turn off your mobile, daily insulate yourself from environment about 20 minute and you can play a nice relaxing music, which will give you the set- your inner emotions and wishes for some particular area in your life which u want to improve.  And just let the emotions that overwhelm you. Try to feel true to what you want to achieve because if that feeling is in you and with you every single day, your reality will very quickly get the right shape of your emotions,

Amazing life

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Just be in the positive frequency and you have nothing to worry about because you are master of your mind! So create your life and breath! blissfully!

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