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Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

If you want to be successful in this coming year, give yourself some precious moments of pure happiness and enjoyment…

Due to our holiday, all of us have been more catched by euphoria because of the many celebrations. In addition to satisfaction, it brings us, of course, a certain amount of stress.

Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

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We should not forget about our health, and no matter how much your daily planner of obligations has been cluttered, you need to find a little time to yourself.

So give yourself these moments of pure happiness, enjoyment and relaxation!


As much as you’re busy every day, at least steal a little time to yourself. Leastways an hour, turn off your phone, find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Let it be a park, walk in the woods, in your garden, room in which you will be locked, it does not matter. Listen to yourself, create a feeling that you are self-sufficient and not dependent from anyone, and love yourself and everything around you. Develop the love of self and begin to appreciate yourself more. You will see how you can enjoy a quiet and positive energy.


Do not rush at all costs that the you finish the faster everything you listed – stop, listen to the music of street performers, admire the street that shines under the New Year decorations … Remember, life is what happens to us while we are planning something else! So, raise the awareness of each moment.


Take time for a good book. Immerse yourself in the wisdom or a nice story that takes place somewhere far away, in another world … Besides you will experience the beautiful emotions and spend quality time resting your eyes, exhausted from the intense exposure to the light of your phone and computer.


You may not sound like a present, but you will be surprised how much one skipping meals, may do you well, especially during the holidays. When you feel hungry a few hours, you will know to appreciate food that surrounds you and remember that not everyone has the chance to treat themselves for the holidays a rich cuisine.


You can not imagine how in a small space and without any additional investment, you can give to your body a better health and feelings. It is essential that you are doing the exercises slowly and consciously in accordance with breathing. If your problem is to stand most of the exercises you can do also in a seated or lying positions. While you exercise, alert attention to activate each part of your body. Each exercise that you do, only do within the limits of your comfort zone. The exercises don’t have to last long but it is important to take a little time every day for your body. Do not strain yourself, it is important to enjoy in every move. After a useful exercises, treat yourself to a nice and warm bath with your favorite scents. Let your body relax completely, and feel the effects of effectively worked exercises.

Precious Moments That You Have To Present Yourself In New Year

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The stars in the night sky

Give yourself a true mystic and spiritual moment! Find a place with which you have a beautiful view of the starry sky, lie down and watch them. It will remind you of the fascination of the universe and of life and how we are actually small in this big, beautiful planet. Start to think positively what you want to achieve in the coming year and set yourself in a positive frequency. Create for yourself a good feelings and emotions. Put yourself in feeling as if you are in some fairy tale and make a wish! Wake up the child in yourself and be your own wizard.

The point of above is to take your time in the most creative way. Prices every fraction of a second of time you have available for yourself. Be aware of every moment.

May this January is the month to remember! Happy New Year to all!


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The Millionaire Prisoner

There was a millionaire who was sent into jail in a remote island waiting for his execution for a murder he committed.

As being a millionaire, he decided to bribe the prison guard to help him smuggle out of such prison island by any means and with any cost.

Millionaire Prisoner

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The prison guard told him that guarding is an intensive and there was so tight escort that none could leave island except in case of death!!!

But the millionaire’s temptation with money to him made the prison guard think about a weird way to help the millionaire escape.

He told the millionaire about his strange idea and said:

“Listen! The only things, which can come out of such island unguarded, are the dead coffins which transported with two guarding men on a ship to the land to be quickly buried in graves with simple rituals and come back to the island. Coffins transported daily at ten in the morning in case of the dead.”

He continued saying:

“The only way to escape is to hide with a dead person in one of the coffins. Once the ship arrives land and they finish the coffin burial, I will take a permission to leave the prison for emergency reason and I will come to help you come out of such coffin after half an hour. Then I will return prison and you disappear for ambiguous reasons. Your disappearance will remain a mystery for them here in the prison island. What is your opinion about my plan???

The millionaire thought that it would be just a crazy risk. For him, it considered better than death penalty. Finally the plan was that the millionaire would creep into the place of coffins and hide in the first coffin he would meet, if he was lucky and there was death.

Next day, during the prisoners’ break, the millionaire went to the place of coffins. Fortunately he found two coffins. He felt panic from the idea of sleeping with a dead person in one coffin for an hour but he quickly thought that he was about to be executed and this is the survival instinct.

In order not to increase his horror, he closed his eyes while opening the coffin, entered the coffin then tightly closed it.

He started to hear the guards’ voice while they were transporting the coffins to the ship. He smelled the smell of the sea within the coffin. He felt the ship movement in the sea. Finally they reached the land.

He felt the movement of the coffin, and then heard a comment by one of the guarding men saying;

“How heavy is such dead???

Replied the other;

“Those prisoners do nothing but eating and sleeping that’s why you meet such excessive obesity!!”

The millionaire felt tension at first, and then got relieved once they stopped talking about the dead in the coffin.

Then, the millionaire felt the coffin burial. The heard the sound of sand hitting the coffin lid. The guards voice began slowly fade away. He was alone buried at a depth of 3 meters with such strange dead. There was a complete darkness. Breathing becomes more difficult with each passing minute.

Indeed, he did not trust such guard but he trusted that his love to the promising millions would force him come for sure.

The millionaire waited a lot. He tried to control his breathing so as not to consume Oxygen. Almost, half an hour remaining, and the prison guard would come and help him come out such horrible place and get comfort.

Millionaire Prisoner

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After 20 minutes….. His breathing started to accelerate and feel suffocated.

He began to say;

“Just ten minutes…. the guard would come then I would breathe freedom and see light again.”

After few moments…

He started to cough,

Other ten minutes passed.

Oxygen was about to run out.

“Such stupid didn’t arrive yet!!!!” The millionaire said.

He heard a far voice so his beats started to accelerate.

“He must be the guard.” the millionaire said.

But the voice disappeared. He felt himself overwhelmed by a fit of hysteria. He began to imagine that the body of the dead moved. He imagined that the dead was smiling cynically at him.

He remembered that he had a cigarette light in his pocket. He got the light out to see the time in his watch.

Despite the lack of Oxygen, He tried to turn his light on then he closed the flame to the watch to see the time.

He said (out of breath):

“45 minutes passed!!!!……”

Although he felt completely terrified, he closed the flame to the dead face.

He saw something which he could never predict in life.

It was the face of the prison guard himself!!!!!!!!!!

What a shock!!!!!

He found out that the prison guard, whom, he was waiting all the time, was the dead whom he was sleeping with, in one coffin.

The only one, who knew that the millionaire was in a coffin under 3 meters in depth, is the dead body of the prison guard who rests in peace now with his briber.

The end………….


None can defy fate. Fate ironically defies people whom do not submit to God’s will. This irony of fate. Money is not everything in life, it can be a bless or can be a curse to its owner.

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