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Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

Are you tired of losing your stuff inside or outside home?? Do you need to keep your valuables safe from unknown people?

Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

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” Do not move ” technology helps you monitor all your stuff to protect them from loss. ” Do not move ” is a plastic chip containing an electronic chip works by connection with your Smartphone. In case of moving such chip from its place, it notifies the user by sending a notification via an application icon in the smartphone.


– You can place your electronic ” Do not move ” chip on your valuable stuff to keep them safe.

– It lets you know that somebody has moved your stuff.


– Thus, you can hurry to see them or restore your things.


– You can place it on your money left at home or office.


– You can place it on your laptop in order to know whether  somebody has checked it or not.


– You can place it on everything you are interested in knowing whether anybody moves it. Even if on your Pepsi can, to let you know that your brother has moved it and started to drink.

Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

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 – This device is available with variety of 12 colors. It works by using Bluetooth linked to your smartphone. You can use a battery to your electronic chip which enables it to work for 12 months. It has high-quality sensors to notify the user as soon as anybody moves it.


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An Interesting And Short Laptop History

There is no introduction required if we are talking about laptops in computers world. Laptop is an amazing invention which can be used anywhere, anytime without any hassle. We can perform all our office work using this amazing computer. It is wired free and light weighted computer and it operates with a battery which can be charged a lot of time.

An Interesting And Short Laptop History

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It works same as normal home or office power computer. There are various kinds of laptops available in the market with unique functions. This laptop can be purchased from any local retail store and completed your task easily.

I am talking about an interesting history about laptop today to my blog readers. In early days a company Xerox Palo Alto Research Center’s person Mr. Alan Kay has showed an idea about laptop. He told that there should be a computer which can be traveled and used easily without any major kind of problems. He has made one briefcase sized computer and named it to Dynabook. This Dynabook computer or laptop was the good invention and it was able to complete each and every task a user may needs. After sometimes he made another laptop which was equipped with wireless networking support.

Mr. Kay could not be popular about its laptop in early days but in later time this work was done by another company named Grid System Corporation. This company’s man Mr. William Moggridge gets all the credit about making the first laptop in its starting days. His invented laptop’s ram memory was just 340kb and the processor was 8088 microprocessor. The mouse was touch pad with an MS DOS operating system. The weight was only 04 kilograms.

After some year, another popular company of Apple has made another laptop and they named it Apple IIc. It looks like laptop but actually that was not really a laptop. The micro processor was 65C02 and memory was only 128KB. It has one 5.25 floppy drive. Also, it was containing two serial ports, one mouse port, one modem port, one external power supply and one folding handle. The weight was 05 kilograms only and screen weight was more than its system. This system was actually compatible but you can not bring it easily and had to set it up after reaching another point. This system was very popular in first five years of its made.

An Interesting And Short Laptop History

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After Apple’s laptop another laptop came into the market from top ranked company of IBM and its name was IBM PC Convertible. It was almost laptop and had 8088 microprocessor with 256KB ram memory. It contains 3.5 inches floppy drive, one LCD, parallel and serial ports. There was also one internal empty port for Modem. This laptop had its own applications (softwares) like telephony, address book and calculator. This laptop has 05.40 Kilograms weight.

It was the big success in laptop industry from IBM Computers. And in today’s era we can find a lot of famous brands in laptop making. They are very fast and have more powerful options than old laptops.

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Great Online Job.

If you are a professional programmer and have full command and experience in your niche or field. And you do not have any good job to fulfill your financial dreams or tired to giving more and more time.

Great online job

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Or, You have a big company and want to make any kind of software, website or project for it. You go to software houses and collect a lot of quotations. You have tired to take decision about selection the best company to work for your project and not satisfied from their services.

Simply, Internet has solved this problem for you and you can get all your required job, quotations and services in instant way without paying any big amount of money.

I am here introducing today to you some best websites overview in which you can simply register free of charge in couple of minutes and can give you services or take from other peoples who are stay on these websites every time online.

These the the top rated and well know websites which can be fulfill your requirements in instant way. They are




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You can select any of the category or topic you are writing like Web designing, Forex trading, Content writing, Blogging and Graphics etc. There are hundreds of categories available for you. Just select the required category and do the work.

You must apply for their services by signing up on their website they will provide you an user id and password to log in for further work. It is best to do this work from anywhere around the world. There is not any specific restrictions to do the work. You simply read the terms and conditions about any job you are applying to work.


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