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New Year’s Feng Shui – Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

Choosing a gift to someone who you love and that while it has strong Feng Shui energy, is not easy at all. Here’s what you can give to loved ones in order to follow the positive energy and prosperity in the coming year.

New Year's Feng Shui - Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

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Himalayan crystal lamp

You’ve heard of Himalayan salt and all its advantages, but did you know that the Himalayan lamp will be an excellent gift for the upcoming holidays? After Feng Shui masters, this lamp releases negative ions into the air and brings positive energy in the home.
Saline crystal – comes from the depths of the Himalayas. Mankind for centuries used this natural wealth that has the following characteristics:
• Improves power of concentration and provides easy sleep.
• Has a beneficial effect on the disease of allergies and asthma.
• Neutralize Electrosmog that forms around on household appliances (TV, PC, etc.).
• Enhances the effect of relaxation exercises.
• In addition to the beneficial effects lamp of Himalayan salt provides gentle, warm light, very decorative and
• It can be a decoration in your home.


Good luck wood in Feng Shui is a natural bamboo and it is considered as one of the most popular “drugs” against negative energy in your home. This plant can be placed even in the bathroom. In any case it will bring peace, good energy and calmness so it is considered like an ideal gift, whether that is intended for a birthday or for upcoming holidays.

In parts of East Asia, there are bamboo forest wood and in Japan it makes the most of the forest. It is often grown as garden plants. In Asia, bamboo stalks are used for building houses and bridges, making furniture and paper production. In China bamboo is a symbol of longevity.

Candlestick in the form of moon

If you are preoccupied with your work and you have a stressful moments, you can always light the candles and enjoy in peace and silence. Just because the candlestick in the form of a moon is an ideal gift for your favorite ones. Treat them moments of peace, relaxation and good energy with help of this wonderful details.

Red candlestick

The elegant chandelier of red color is something that every home should have. Beautiful red color will make a good energy in the home and as that say Feng Shui masters it will ensure you a long life. Lovely little thing for the festive days.

Classical Feng Shui gifts

The classical Feng Shui gift is always a great choice to make someone under the tree. For instance, decorative figurines crystal tree with money, turtles, dragons and other Feng Shui figurines. Choose one of them, repackage them and give them to someone.

Olive pillow of silk

Do you adore olive green color? I am sure that your friend will love it and it will fit nicely with the interior. The Chinese cushions with tassels will bring a touch of luxury to the home and moments of well-being.

Table lamp in black and red shades

Excellent detail in the bedroom because of excellent color combination. The dramatic red and black encourages a good balance and Yin & Yang energy, and these holidays are a great excuse to enter a passion in the bedroom.

New Year's Feng Shui - Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

Red satin bedclothes

Ideal gift for each couple or friends is a red satin bedclothes, just like the black – red lamp which can enter a passion into your bedroom.

Giving even small gifts is nice gesture and a good way to show how much you love and appreciate some person. So, select some of the gifts and cheer your loved ones!

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