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Skill Of Self-Healing Acupressure

For this method of healing, you need only your fingers and a little effort. Once you learn its basics, it will help you to have more energy during the day, to prepare your body to renew during the night and to remove the most common health problems.

Skill Of Self-Healing Acupressure

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Whether it is a frequent headaches, slower digestion or backache, this practical method can help us in maintaining optimal health.

Simply put, such as on the physical level blood flowing through the blood system, on the energy level we are composed of a multitude of channels (nadis/meridians) which flows the energy that gives us life (prana, chi, qi) and such as for example in the case of cholesterol, it results in formation of a blockage in the blood stream (because cholesterol sticks to the walls of the circulatory system and thus precipitates), also on the energy level, the modern lifestyle (such as reduced movement, improper nutrition, stress) leads to blockages that impede the normal flow of energy through the meridians. On this principle is based most of Eastern healing techniques. Along the meridians there are certain points, where the blockade of certain organs can be removed by pressing these points.

I was thrilled by acupressure because of its simplicity and effectiveness. When you begin with applying this method, be without fear because acupressure is primarily simple and secure while you perform on yourself or on others, even if you are a complete beginner. There are no side effects, and the only equipment you need is your fingers.

By pressing certain points on the palms and feet, as well as on the rest of the body, the blockages of energy flow, can be removed in the organs or systems on which the item works.

As when we want to have the light by touching the particular electric switch, current begins to move to the preferred bulb and it lights up, the same is with a pressure to specific points on the body by which we can activate nerves that carry signals to the target organs. When the energy blockages are removed in certain meridian, then it improves circulation and thus a comprehensive work of the organs in which we operate.

Points of most often problems…



With the thumbs press area behind the temples, about one inch behind the hairline. Slowly circling twenty minutes with deep breathing. Pressing these points we can help prevent and stop most types of headaches. Headache will be resolved and by pressing acupressure points for brain, pineal and pituitary, which are located on the peaks of feet and hand thumbs, one below the other. Press with your fingernail rather than the pad of the thumb. Treating these points, you will improve concentration and memory also.

Pain and tension in neck

If you imagine that the thumb represents the head, it will be easier for you to remember that joint at the root of the thumb is connected with your neck. To prevent or eliminate tension in neck, regular press area around the joint on the hands and feet.


At the outside of the hand between the bones of thumb and index finger, there is an area that offers us insight into the balance of the body work. For example, inflammation represents imbalances. By pressing the recess between the bones from the place where they touch all the way to the top, we can act on the lower back, middle back and shoulder belt.

Interference in digestion

Between the bones of the thumb and index finger on the inside of the palm, there is an area associated with stomach. It is easy to determine the same area on foot. Since the stomach is located in the middle of the hull, point to it is located in the middle of the foot. With regular treatment of these points, you will resolve all stomach problems, such as excessive secretion of gastric acid and slow digestion. But in order that effect would be maximal, remember that you should not press that area immediately after meals.

Tension and sciatica

How often you feel tense? Can you imagine that there is a magical point on the body by which pressure, the tension could be disappeared? Good news for you, this item actually exists! It is located at the root of the middle toe. It’s often ignored also by those who have tended to massage the entire feet. This point is too important because it not only clears mental tension, nor by its activation we can also improve the work of the sciatic nerve.

Acupressure For Headache

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Start to apply these methods today! Acupressure helps us to feel good and to be healthy. It is intended for everyone regardless of gender and age. You can apply it whenever you want. With deep breathing, press desired point with the tip of the thumb, every second during minute. One minute is sufficient to activate the point. Then move to another point. Acupressure is a technique that will enrich the life of long-term health. Purpose is to expel toxins, improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to every cell and thereby, the body is stimulated by self-healing.

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Seven Basic Rules To Pass Any Job Interview

  1. Good preparation

Bring with you in the interview, a copy of the file to your CV, along with all the papers, which supports your experience in the domain that Taatkdmin to work with it. And see your papers well to get rid of any mistakes content may cause miss understanding with the employer.

Identify also in a small notebook the most important points that should not be missed to talk about during the interview, such as your strengths and special skills, as well as the points that you want Alasfsar by the employer.

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Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

  1. Gather information about the workplace

Make sure you also work on the search for the nature of the company, which Taatkdmin to work out, such as the history of the emergence of the company, the investment areas in which they operate, needs-free function, and if the opportunity to see the personal interview will be with you name available, Vhaola know more details about them. All this creates the impression that you do not underestimate the serious personal matter who accepts it.

  1. Take care of your appearance

Interest in the good appearance of the first things that create a positive impression about you when your employer, make sure to wear formal clothes and if the company field or function does not require intense official, at least the analysis neat and well-groomed appearance, with a focus on wear accessories, jewelry attractive without exaggeration so give Atalaltk and bio energy.

  1. Avoid negative physical movements

It is important to show the quiet and confident personalities of herself in front of the employer, so avoid the negative physical movements such as shaking feet or play pen while sitting, and avoid as well as inclusion of the arms during the conversation, because these things give the impression of being a personal introverts and hesitant and unsure of itself. Also, try not to stutter to speak. Intellectual as saying you want before talking, not Ttsraei in your answers and Ajaliha clear and explicit and concise at the heart of the topic, this is what will help you to avoid stuttering in conversation.

  1. Analysis tact

Keep your smile throughout the meeting, and Select your phrasing very carefully. Keep titles to be asked to the other party abandoned. Padre knows the name of the person who will work with you to make the interview a bit of attention. No Ti_buthai your views during the debate as a matter of self-confidence, this may give you the impression that you are a personal arrogant and disrespectful. Ask the other party to explain to you the face of view and then try to provide personal vision on the subject.

Seven Basic Rules To Pass Any Job Interview

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  1. Commit deadlines

It is best to arrive early to the meeting place no later than 10 minutes; it gives the impression of being a committed character. Avoid at the same time very early access, it may cause you stress, and if you do not know the address well, it is best that you can visit for exploratory place before the next date so as not to Tadhaaan a long time to look for a place to work on the day of the interview.

  1. Do a rehearsal for an interview

Conduct a national search for frequently asked questions in job interviews, and national Bijaptha with yourself or with a friend the day before the interview. Does not care too much to do this step, but believe me, they are useful and make the answers and information you want to talk about fresh in your mind before the official interview, they also help you avoid the problems of stuttering and dispersion in a private talk If this is the first time you’re in the work of the job interview.

Dear remember that the most important thing that helps you overcome job interview success is self-confidence.

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The Seven Wonders Of The God About Human

One day, a teacher has asked her pupils to write a short essay about ” the seven Wonders”.

The Seven Wonders Of The World

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Although ways of thinking differ from one pupil to another, the majority of pupils’ writings were about the following landmarks:

1- The Giza pyramids in Egypt

2- Taj Mahal in India

3- Grand Canyon – Colorado – United States

5- Flute Empire State – New York

6- Peter Basilica Italy Cathedral

7- Wall of China


While the teacher was gathering the papers, she noticed that one of the girl hasn’t finished yet.

“Do you have any problem in completing the seven wonders, dear? “The teacher said.

Replied the girl, saying: ” yes, teacher, somewhat. As I have found them too many.”

“Well…., Read what you have finished and we will help you in writing the rest?” the teacher replied.

Firstly, the girl hesitated for a while, and then started to read:

I think that the Seven Wonders are the following:”

– To see

– To hear

– To touch things

– To taste

– To feel

– To laugh

– To love

When the girl has finished her words, there was a complete silence spread in class.

Common sense

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She continued saying:

“Such great things, that God has granted us, we have accustomed to their presence as usual in our life, are the real wonders that can not be built by hands or bought by money. They are simply inside us. Everybody can see them within.

Can you imagine as if they don’t exist? And imagine that you live without seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or laughing or even without love. Many people have already lost one of such God’s graces or more but surely they suffer much. It’s worthy to thank God for All blesses He gives us and all the graces we are living in. Thanks, God”

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Blogger Vs WordPress Competition.

Nowadays a lot of peoples who know about Blogging or Article writing on the World wide web always ask the questions about two Blogging platform. They are Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger vs wordpress competition

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In this Article, I will be trying to show you about differences between WordPress and blogger Blogging platform. Just read the below details and take to good decision and make your future bright.


Blogger or Blog spot is an easy to use blogging platform from the world’s top website ” GOOGLE “. It is well known by everybody who is newer and love the Google around the internet world. It is absolutely free of charge for everyone without any money asking from the Google.

If you are a well Blogger and do fear about hacking your Blog and losing your data then you should must use the Blogger platform to secure your Blog and data.

There is no zero percent chances to attack of viruses, worms and Trojans to your Blog. You can do the tension free work by this great online blogging platform and make your blogging future bright.

There are some best themes and gadgets for your blogging platform you can use all of them free of charge and make your Blog look more beautiful by adding theme and gadget.

There is no need to learn any kind of complicated coding and scripting language to make your Blog working in smartest way. Simply drag and drop to click and install like themes and gadgets you can use easily.

Above were the advantages and now  I am telling you about disadvantages of Blogger platform. Check these and make the decision from your side.

There are some limitations like you can easily loss the design or theme you have hardly customized without any notification.

There is no user friendly environment of your editing of Posts. You should must do it manual and hardly to do it which is time consuming all the time.

As We know, Blogger is totally free and beware that Google can Block your Blog without notice or warning and  you will loss all of your hardly typed and designed Blog easily in instant way.

Now, I am telling you about the very fast growing Blogging platform of WordPress in these days. First of all, Read the advantages of this Blogging platform here.

There are two names you will find if you try to search from Google Search. They are and Similarly, They both are from same company and there is not any big difference between between these two platforms. Simply, works online and you can use it from any where around the world easily  just by log in from your use id and password and make your blogging. It is totally free of cost for everybody who join this  blogging platform.

And, provides you the downloadable software which can be run from your own personal computer. You can do the blogging offline from your computer and later you can upload the posts to your hosting provider for showing your Blog publicly. Then anybody can see your blog on internet easily.

Blogger vs wordpress competition

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You can use this software to install the free and paid themes, plugins and many more easily. You know that WordPress is an open source free program which can be easily change, alter, reproduce and redistribute without and copyright law and permission.

It is very well kind of Blogging platform and more than 20 percents of websites are made with this blogging software. You can make beautiful blogs easily and publish on the web.

You can easily customized themes, plugins, pictures, posts, sound and other things with its software easily from your own computer.

The main advantage of the WordPress is that you can make it your future and there are a lot of peoples around the world who are making money by doing the Blogging work. They are making huge profit just by writing the articles on their blog.

Now, Read about the disadvantages of WordPress blogging platform.

You must pay the annual fees to your hosting company for your hosting space and domain name you have given in started of the Blog.

There is no Guarantee of the hacking of your Blog from your hosting provider. They will not assure you about this matter but you must ask about the security and virus free hosting before taking decision to make any domain and web hosting.

If you are a beginner than it is hard to do the customization of the theme you have selected for you blog. Just try to do the Blogging with in the early days of Blogging. This will be best for your learning purpose.

At last, Dear friends, If you want to make Blogging as your career and you are thinking about making some good income then you must come into the Blogging field and join the and change your life with great field.


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