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Solve These Interesting Puzzles

Here are some riddles with answers;

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

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1- Something that walks without legs and enters nothing but ears???

( The7 Sound)


2- Three crossed the bridge,, the first one saw the bridge and walked on it,, the second saw it but didn’t walk on it,, The third didn’t see the bridge nor walk on,,, Who are they????

(A pregnant woman carrying her first child on shoulder)


3- Who can see his enemy and friend with one eye???

(The one-eyed person)


4- What’s the thing, the more it increases the more it decreases?

(One’s age)


5- What’s the thing that has teeth but can’t bite???

(The comb)


6- What’s the thing that can write but can’t read???

(The pen)


7- What’s the thing that once you boil it, it froze???

(The egg)


8- Which animal can scratch its ears with its nose???

(The elephant)


9- What’s the thing that eats but doesn’t get fullness???

(The fire)


10- What’s the thing, the more you take from, the more it grows up???

(The ditch)


11- It has 4 legs but can’t walk???

(The chair)


12- Where can we find a sea without water in it???

(In the map)


13- What’s the thing that has beats without having a heart???

(The clock)


13- What’s the thing that can walk and stop although it has no legs???

(The clock)


14- She is your uncle’s sister but isn’t your aunt, Who is she???

(Your mother)


15- Two digits, if you multiply them you will get 15… And if you add them to each other, you will get 16. What are they???

(15 & 1)
16- How many eyes do bees have??

(Five eyes)


This one is for you, try to solve it;

We have hidden four words in this word puzzle. Can you find them???

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

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We are waiting for your answers….


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How To Live Well And Be Happy

In these days mostly peoples are very confused about their life. They are unhappy and sad in their life and think how to make it easier and tension-free for long time without making any big experiments.

How to live well and be happy

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In this article, I will try to show you some useful tips and tricks to avoid the tensions and live well for long time. You must try these tips and tricks once and you will really find these helpful. These tips are show below.

In every night before going to sleep you must watch the stars on sky and think about their creativity by God. You will get good experience by doing this trick. I really do it mostly when I become unhappy.

2. Do change you rooms furniture setting frequently and this will give you a new and fresh environment and you will feel very comfortable in your life.

3. Never do speedy work on your daily basis and keep your some work to do on later hours this will avoid your tiredness and you will get restful life.

4. Do the Gardening in your lawn, park or garden and this is the best work for your health too. You will be very amazed and relaxed by doing this nice trick.

5. Always try to help others in anyway at least one time in a day or a week. You will get a best result after helping someone. It is the best humanity and everybody love it.

6. Avoiding the Greed is best trick ignoring the headache and tensions in your life. Always try to smile every time even you are a poor or rich person.

7. Always live with all those things you have possessed instead of wishing the things you don’t have in your life.

8. Love the Pets like Fishes, Cats and Dogs and never capture the birds for your cage. Just see the birds on sky and get the well experience of their fly.

9. You must visit the historical places near your town or city and read the stories of their founders who is not among us.

10. Always get the dress you like very comfortable instead of having the heavy and uncomfortable fashioned dress.

11. Exchange the gifts from others and give them some wishes and happiness in your life. This is the best trick to live well and become a happy person for long time.

12. Always think better and positive about other peoples and never create any wrong and doubtful image about others. This will grow your tensions and unhappiness about others.

13. Always sleep well and never disturb it because it gives you better relaxation all the time.

14. Think better and get better. It is the key to success and happy for life time without any tensions.

15. Be smile. It is a must have thing for everybody who is facing the unhappy life experience. They must follow this trick. It gives us the better success and relaxation in our life and We give good change in our happiness.

How to live well and be happy

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King Of Chat World. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client

Nowadays, We all the people use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Hi5 and other Social networking Websites to communicate each other in our spare time. As I am not full time user of these social networking websites and cant wait more to get the response from strangers of my response.

King Of Chat World. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client

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I always try to find the instant and quick response from the users to communicate and share something useful like text, audio, video, presentation and ect. May be you have heard about the program or software Mirc or IRC. It is the King and the first ever client for chatters around the world. You can easily and instantly talk to any friend or stranger who is online at the same time. This program is widely used all the time when it was firstly introduced.

There is no special kind of Personal Computer and instrument required to do the chat with others. You simply download the program from its official website of and after installation you just use any nickname you like and join the channel of your choice and click the user or person you want to talk. Simple as one, two and three.

You can search hundreds of topics on various subjects. They are called Channels in IRC language. It is very easy to understand the language of IRC. You can search the Google for IRC language and can get huge informative data in the shape of Videos and E-books.

King Of Chat World. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client

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There is great option in IRC to download the games, movies software and etc in instant way as you do with Torrent websites. Hundreds of channels and servers available in IRC to join and fulfill your requirement without searching the Web.

There is no age restriction, Gender restriction or any other geographical requirement to communicate. It is a great program for everybody who cant wait to response from other side and want to talk in instant way. It is very interesting to book or register you nick for long time usage. No one can keep the same nick you have already registered.

So, Friends come to IRC world if you did not try this before and have some nice talking with peoples around the world in instant way and have fun all the time.

At last, There are a lot of versions over the web of MIRC. You can download any of the version uploaded on their website and can install and run the chat program without any hassle. I hope, This will be a good choice for you.


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