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Music Therapy

Music doesn’t know for boundaries and prejudice, it combines all religions in unity and those who carry music in the heart, all around themselves, can see inspiration. The choice of music you listen is a serious matter, because it has a great power. It can ennoble us, inspire us, heal us, connect with Mother Earth, but it could also make us enraged, discouraged and sad. Each of ours energy center has its own music. Certain music corresponded to the specific Chakra. We should pay attention to what kind of feelings can awaken music in us.

Music Therapy

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For me, music is synonymous of love and beauty. When I compose through music I can easily connect with the Universe and express my emotions and feelings, often much easier than by words. I honestly believe that all people are sensitive to music, because music can make us laugh or it can make us sad, let us run, deliver us, teach, take and lead us. Whether we play, sing or just listen music, we all carry a song in our heart. We are all born in harmony with music of the spheres, as Pythagoras called the sound of the Universe. All of nature clearly shows us how everything is going to the beat and how it unfolds in the rhythm. It is easy to notice, only if you want- about us first snowflakes fall dancing!

All is music, all is the melody, all is song, and all is rhythm- and the change of seasons and rotation of the earth around its axis and around the sun, tides. Just imagine the rhythm of love and harmony in which the dance galaxy. Nothing is black and white even if you are convinced that it is, the right music before your eyes will paint the world in a rainbow of colors!

It would be nice if each of us could feel the magic of music in the most beautiful and the most spiritual sense. Whether it is music for meditation, music for dance, music for the lullaby, music for romance, decide for yourself. With music we go to war, ascend rebellion against parents , fall in love, and find a healing inner peace. Sinking into a trance to techno party or our heart opens to the liturgy. As we nurture the outside, we should keep our spiritual space also and taking care to protect ourselves against an aggressor who impose and pollute our emotions, which refers not only to the music but also to other art forms.

Music And Love

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Music is timeless category and when we listen it from the heart, plays it, sing or dance, then we can forget about the time and totally relax in the present moment. Only then the fun begins and if you’re having fun just to be good to you, then you missed topic, but when you’re having fun that everyone has a good fun , then it makes sense! And so let’s all dance to the beat of the heart! Free yourself, dance and sing because no one else can do that for you. Let it be the next time period of new inspiration and creation.

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Many Things Deserve In Life

People may think that Life is full of problems, conflicts and troubles. Some always mourn their luck, some always look at the empty part of the glass of water and see life pessimistically and some live hopeless, without a hope they can live for.

Many things deserve in life

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Their sight never falls on a beautiful thing which God created for us; They never translate nature as having beautiful scenes. Once one begins to think negatively in such way and live roaming or Stumbling at every problem. At that time, life is meaningless for them and losing one’s life is “no matter” for him or her.

Such one’s psychology, that lost link with hope and with the concept of optimism, can constantly leave a bad impact on people around, radiating negative messages to others through pessimistic words, aggressive behaviors. Life is no better for them.

So no difference between life and death. No difference between white and black. Everything has a dark color in their eyes. And it is time for wondering their common questions; ” why have we been created?” and “Have God created us to be tortured in such meaningless life?”

The idea here is not in life as being good or bad but in one’s mentality that follows strands of hope and contemplates in how life has many things deserve to live for, or translates everything in life as an indignation. Such disaffection and discontent upon life can lead to many problems.

It may lead to panic disorder so you can meet people in life who fear everything and always predict disasters even when there is no real danger and see everything as bad omens.

On the other hand people who always feel satisfaction and look at the good part of things even if they really go through critical circumstances. Such type of people never forget the infinite number of graces, God have always been showering us with. They feel satisfied just as they know that surely their sustenance is determined by God and no one can have a control over their life.

Many things deserve in life

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They have a great trust upon God and that bounty is only brought by God. God have His own prudence in the laws of giving and preventing. No human being can give or prevent except by God’s will. This is a great trust in the Divine Entity. Thus, there is no psychological diseases, no pessimism and only satisfaction overwhelms. In brief, our life has many things deserve.

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