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Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

Are you tired of losing your stuff inside or outside home?? Do you need to keep your valuables safe from unknown people?

Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

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” Do not move ” technology helps you monitor all your stuff to protect them from loss. ” Do not move ” is a plastic chip containing an electronic chip works by connection with your Smartphone. In case of moving such chip from its place, it notifies the user by sending a notification via an application icon in the smartphone.


– You can place your electronic ” Do not move ” chip on your valuable stuff to keep them safe.

– It lets you know that somebody has moved your stuff.


– Thus, you can hurry to see them or restore your things.


– You can place it on your money left at home or office.


– You can place it on your laptop in order to know whether  somebody has checked it or not.


– You can place it on everything you are interested in knowing whether anybody moves it. Even if on your Pepsi can, to let you know that your brother has moved it and started to drink.

Funny Lie Innovative Electronic Chip To Keep Your Stuff Safe In 2015

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 – This device is available with variety of 12 colors. It works by using Bluetooth linked to your smartphone. You can use a battery to your electronic chip which enables it to work for 12 months. It has high-quality sensors to notify the user as soon as anybody moves it.


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Electronic Cigarettes. Review About This Technology

In today’s world a lot of news technologies are made from various peoples around the world. Here I am talking about a great invention of “ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE”. It is specially made for all those persons who cant get rid of real tobacco cigarettes. Which is extremely too dangerous for health.

Electronic Cigarettes - review about this technology

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This cigarette is made with latest scientific technology and everybody who is smoking on daily basis can use this e-cigarette and avoid the real cigarette and can change their life. It is not much expensive and you can easily buy this gadget from anywhere online or offline with some nominal amount of money easily and fulfill your requirement.
You will find your health very fine after using this gadget for at least five to six month and will be very happy without any disease. It is certified with any specialist doctor internationally and it grows your stamina very fast. This gadget gives you same taste like your real cigarette you were smoke daily.

It is available in different popular flavors. You can choose any flavor you desire. There is no smoke and smell comes from this cigarette. It is a virtual cigarette and it assumes that you are smoking a real cigarette.

It is really a better choice than analog traditional cigarette you use normally. This is really a better gadget for your health and you can avoid the cough, good food taste experience and many more. Lets have some taste of this technology and be a healthy person.


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