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The Millionaire Prisoner

There was a millionaire who was sent into jail in a remote island waiting for his execution for a murder he committed.

As being a millionaire, he decided to bribe the prison guard to help him smuggle out of such prison island by any means and with any cost.

Millionaire Prisoner

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The prison guard told him that guarding is an intensive and there was so tight escort that none could leave island except in case of death!!!

But the millionaire’s temptation with money to him made the prison guard think about a weird way to help the millionaire escape.

He told the millionaire about his strange idea and said:

“Listen! The only things, which can come out of such island unguarded, are the dead coffins which transported with two guarding men on a ship to the land to be quickly buried in graves with simple rituals and come back to the island. Coffins transported daily at ten in the morning in case of the dead.”

He continued saying:

“The only way to escape is to hide with a dead person in one of the coffins. Once the ship arrives land and they finish the coffin burial, I will take a permission to leave the prison for emergency reason and I will come to help you come out of such coffin after half an hour. Then I will return prison and you disappear for ambiguous reasons. Your disappearance will remain a mystery for them here in the prison island. What is your opinion about my plan???

The millionaire thought that it would be just a crazy risk. For him, it considered better than death penalty. Finally the plan was that the millionaire would creep into the place of coffins and hide in the first coffin he would meet, if he was lucky and there was death.

Next day, during the prisoners’ break, the millionaire went to the place of coffins. Fortunately he found two coffins. He felt panic from the idea of sleeping with a dead person in one coffin for an hour but he quickly thought that he was about to be executed and this is the survival instinct.

In order not to increase his horror, he closed his eyes while opening the coffin, entered the coffin then tightly closed it.

He started to hear the guards’ voice while they were transporting the coffins to the ship. He smelled the smell of the sea within the coffin. He felt the ship movement in the sea. Finally they reached the land.

He felt the movement of the coffin, and then heard a comment by one of the guarding men saying;

“How heavy is such dead???

Replied the other;

“Those prisoners do nothing but eating and sleeping that’s why you meet such excessive obesity!!”

The millionaire felt tension at first, and then got relieved once they stopped talking about the dead in the coffin.

Then, the millionaire felt the coffin burial. The heard the sound of sand hitting the coffin lid. The guards voice began slowly fade away. He was alone buried at a depth of 3 meters with such strange dead. There was a complete darkness. Breathing becomes more difficult with each passing minute.

Indeed, he did not trust such guard but he trusted that his love to the promising millions would force him come for sure.

The millionaire waited a lot. He tried to control his breathing so as not to consume Oxygen. Almost, half an hour remaining, and the prison guard would come and help him come out such horrible place and get comfort.

Millionaire Prisoner

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After 20 minutes….. His breathing started to accelerate and feel suffocated.

He began to say;

“Just ten minutes…. the guard would come then I would breathe freedom and see light again.”

After few moments…

He started to cough,

Other ten minutes passed.

Oxygen was about to run out.

“Such stupid didn’t arrive yet!!!!” The millionaire said.

He heard a far voice so his beats started to accelerate.

“He must be the guard.” the millionaire said.

But the voice disappeared. He felt himself overwhelmed by a fit of hysteria. He began to imagine that the body of the dead moved. He imagined that the dead was smiling cynically at him.

He remembered that he had a cigarette light in his pocket. He got the light out to see the time in his watch.

Despite the lack of Oxygen, He tried to turn his light on then he closed the flame to the watch to see the time.

He said (out of breath):

“45 minutes passed!!!!……”

Although he felt completely terrified, he closed the flame to the dead face.

He saw something which he could never predict in life.

It was the face of the prison guard himself!!!!!!!!!!

What a shock!!!!!

He found out that the prison guard, whom, he was waiting all the time, was the dead whom he was sleeping with, in one coffin.

The only one, who knew that the millionaire was in a coffin under 3 meters in depth, is the dead body of the prison guard who rests in peace now with his briber.

The end………….


None can defy fate. Fate ironically defies people whom do not submit to God’s will. This irony of fate. Money is not everything in life, it can be a bless or can be a curse to its owner.

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Many Things Deserve In Life

People may think that Life is full of problems, conflicts and troubles. Some always mourn their luck, some always look at the empty part of the glass of water and see life pessimistically and some live hopeless, without a hope they can live for.

Many things deserve in life

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Their sight never falls on a beautiful thing which God created for us; They never translate nature as having beautiful scenes. Once one begins to think negatively in such way and live roaming or Stumbling at every problem. At that time, life is meaningless for them and losing one’s life is “no matter” for him or her.

Such one’s psychology, that lost link with hope and with the concept of optimism, can constantly leave a bad impact on people around, radiating negative messages to others through pessimistic words, aggressive behaviors. Life is no better for them.

So no difference between life and death. No difference between white and black. Everything has a dark color in their eyes. And it is time for wondering their common questions; ” why have we been created?” and “Have God created us to be tortured in such meaningless life?”

The idea here is not in life as being good or bad but in one’s mentality that follows strands of hope and contemplates in how life has many things deserve to live for, or translates everything in life as an indignation. Such disaffection and discontent upon life can lead to many problems.

It may lead to panic disorder so you can meet people in life who fear everything and always predict disasters even when there is no real danger and see everything as bad omens.

On the other hand people who always feel satisfaction and look at the good part of things even if they really go through critical circumstances. Such type of people never forget the infinite number of graces, God have always been showering us with. They feel satisfied just as they know that surely their sustenance is determined by God and no one can have a control over their life.

Many things deserve in life

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They have a great trust upon God and that bounty is only brought by God. God have His own prudence in the laws of giving and preventing. No human being can give or prevent except by God’s will. This is a great trust in the Divine Entity. Thus, there is no psychological diseases, no pessimism and only satisfaction overwhelms. In brief, our life has many things deserve.

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