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The secret of young smile – part II -The health of the land

From time immemorial, the plants have been used in the service of health. Recipes are being applied from generation to generation, so various herbal preparations are still being adviced in the manuals of natural medicine.

How I was quite interested about this topic, I continued to study it and found some much more interesting benefits that can enrich plants for the preservation of teeth.

So see the following ingredients in toothpastes, nibble them fresh, or make a revetment. Reach first for those the healthiest, from the land!


I personally adore cinnamon as a spice, especially with bottled apple or in combination with honey. I always used some of its combination, more intuitive, but it turned out to be very effective.

And its no wonder..

Did you know that cinnamon destroys 50% of all oral bacteria and 40% of those that cause bad breath?

Now certainly You know. So drink a tea with cinnamon or chewing gum with that spice. It would help you, whether you have a problem with the gums or with the throat pain, caused by colds. It has been always helping me in lessening the inflammation of the throat.


Not only it can clean your teeth and the space between them, but it is also a natural abrasive, so it massages gums also. It has a strong taste, especially its leaves, so with even a small quantities, it can give significant results! It is a very good addition in the soup and in the broth, especially in the tomato broth, but it is much more effective when it is eaten in fresh form. So when you cook the soup or broth, add its leaves at the end of cooking, after boiling, to retain the vitamins.


Parsley is a powerful freshener and it also covers bad breath. Its effectiveness is manifold as you might have read in one of the previous posts. It helps with inflammation of the gums also. To me personally it has a little weaker taste from celery, so you can freely nibble its leaves at any time. It would be useful to obtain a flowerpot of these herbs so you could always have it at your fingertips in a fresh form.


Mint also refreshes the breath and strengthens the gums. It has antiseptic properties and it helps with toothache. Medicinal parts of mint are primarily its leaves, but also all above-ground parts of this plant.


This plant is suitable against inflammation of mucous membranes and gums and it also prevents the occurrence of bad breath. You can do mouthwash with sage tea if you have problems with bleeding or with the painful gums.

cleans teeth and soothes the bleeding gums. Another in a series of medicinal pearls. What is interesting that this plant has also a positive impact on the concentration and brain function, so the effect of its consuming, can be multiply.


has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for rinsing the mouth after a tooth extraction or surgery. Insert a little flowers of chamomile in boiling water and it will give a nice scent to your home also..


is enough, according to folk recipes, to rub the teeth for the bleaching effects and obtaining gloss because it eliminates dark spots. It has also an antibacterial properties.

Aloe vera

gently cleans teeth and destroys bacteria and it is recommended for people who have sensitive gums or who are prone to inflammation of the gums.

Tea tree
acts antibacterial and helps with gingivitis and bleeding gums. Tea tree oil is also particularly effective.

I hope that you’ve adopted how much powerful those plants are. Apply after some recipes and enjoy the benefits of nature of the land.

The secret of young smile

We all want to look beautiful and youthful for a longer time. Because of that we put on our face rejuvenating creams. We especially cherish the area around the eyes and lips with special preparations. But, what is about our teeth which reveal in the same extent our ages?

According to many researches, preserved and beautiful teeth reduce the number of our age, for even twenty years! That is the reason why more and more people in the West decides to bleaching their teeth to become whiter and shinier, but their teeth can not be healthier thereby. It is necessary to take the time for regular and proper dental hygiene in additional to gain health and longer preserve of youthful smile. I’m not just talking about two-minutes hygiene, while we are in a hurry to a work in the morning or about brushing teeth with one eye closed by dreaming bed at the same time.

Antioxindans from rejuvenate creams are well- known. These same vitamins can help to diseased gums. The most attention is paid to vitamin E, which is considered as the most important antioxidans protection for cellular membranes, as well as vitamin F , which helps in building the gums and it can be helpful in relieving inflammation.

Centuries before the creation of brushes and toothpaste, people had been taking care about hygiene of teeth and oral health. In order to protect them, they never ate too hot or too cold food but only lukewarm. They cleaned their teeth with green twigs of patients and then rubbed it with wool rags to make their teeth glossy and white. Most commonly they used for this wine or wine vinegar, sea salt, sage, laurel and mint. Today many scientists claim that white and red wine helps with reducing bacteria, that cause tooth decay. So we should get back to primordial knowledges, natural herbal ingredients and basic advices of dentists.


The question which kind of toothbrush we should choose in the sea of what have been poopled on the shelves of stores, the answer is that, the best toothbrush is the one that is regularly being used! Besides, it should be from artificial fibers, which is in contrast to natural, because of its easy maintain and quickly dry and those toothbrush are not susceptible to the bacteria.

In order to be prevented from damaging the gums and that toothbrush can reach all teeth, it should properly lies in hand and the head of toothbrush should be as small as, with rounded shape or even better round. Fiber of brush should not be too hard to avoid damaging the enamel and gums, but medium firm or the soft one in order that with teeth cleaning it could massaged properly gums at same time. In addition, it is essential to regularly change your toothbrush because fibers can gradually weaken. With regular use medium-hard toothbrush should be replaced at the least after two months and soft one after a month.


After we choose the right toothbrush, it is even bigger problem to choose quality toothpaste – natural, conventional, for whitening, anti-caries, with herbal ingredients, for fresh breath… Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fluor, sugar, aluminum dioxide, triclosan are just some of the ingredients of toothpaste and mouthwash which are been deserving of a rich foam, antibacterial properties or prevention of dental caries. Proponents of natural cosmetics widely avoid the same ingredients. SLS which acts as a detergent, irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Some claim that it may cause a change in the DNA.

However, if you regularly and properly maintain oral hygiene, you should not have problems with oral and dental health. Fluor in small amounts protects teeth from caries. It may be adversely affected by enamel only in excessive doses and than it can have harmful effect on the whole body. The amount of fluoride in toothpastes and in gels for coating teeth is not harmful to the teeth nor dangerous to health. It is not necessary to avoid the pastes that contain fluorine, but it should be noted that fluorine is not a means which whitens teeth.

Dental floss

Although many do not use it, according to many experts in the field of periodontology and oral hygiene, dental floss is absolutely necessary, even more important than the toothbrush for good oral hygiene, because it can clean spaces between teeth that are not available for toothbrush. And precisely these areas, that fail to be cleaned by brush are the focal points for the formation of teeth decay. By removing food residues between teeth, it can prevents the formation of caries and growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Flossing is recommended at least once a day and if you are not getting along well with dental floss than obtain interdental brushes.


Unlike dental floss, mouthwash is not necessary for good oral hygiene but it can be served as an additional aid. It doesn’t mean that mouthwash can replace your toothbrush and dental floss! If you use a mounthwash that contains chlorhexidine, don’t rinse your mouth with it for more than 10 days in a row, because the teeth may become darker.

Wellness for teeth

Although many are afraid of the dentist, and many more visits dental care clinic only when there is no other choice, people should go to control in every six months. Regardless of whether you have a need, or whether you are in pain, twice a year you should go to control. To each is recommended a hygienic prophylactic treatment once a year – so called, dental wellness. It includes detailed cleaning of dental plaque, sandblasting teeth that removes pigments on teeth that are caused by smoking or drinking coffee and coating teeth with protective gel that contain fluor.

Don’t be lazy about performing the necessary and regular daily care and don’t be afraid of the dentist. Apply these rules in daily care for the health of your teeth and there is nothing to worry about. You will not regret. Smile!

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

Here are some riddles with answers;

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images


1- Something that walks without legs and enters nothing but ears???

( The7 Sound)


2- Three crossed the bridge,, the first one saw the bridge and walked on it,, the second saw it but didn’t walk on it,, The third didn’t see the bridge nor walk on,,, Who are they????

(A pregnant woman carrying her first child on shoulder)


3- Who can see his enemy and friend with one eye???

(The one-eyed person)


4- What’s the thing, the more it increases the more it decreases?

(One’s age)


5- What’s the thing that has teeth but can’t bite???

(The comb)


6- What’s the thing that can write but can’t read???

(The pen)


7- What’s the thing that once you boil it, it froze???

(The egg)


8- Which animal can scratch its ears with its nose???

(The elephant)


9- What’s the thing that eats but doesn’t get fullness???

(The fire)


10- What’s the thing, the more you take from, the more it grows up???

(The ditch)


11- It has 4 legs but can’t walk???

(The chair)


12- Where can we find a sea without water in it???

(In the map)


13- What’s the thing that has beats without having a heart???

(The clock)


13- What’s the thing that can walk and stop although it has no legs???

(The clock)


14- She is your uncle’s sister but isn’t your aunt, Who is she???

(Your mother)


15- Two digits, if you multiply them you will get 15… And if you add them to each other, you will get 16. What are they???

(15 & 1)
16- How many eyes do bees have??

(Five eyes)


This one is for you, try to solve it;

We have hidden four words in this word puzzle. Can you find them???

Solve These Interesting Puzzles

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images


We are waiting for your answers….


Wait for more riddles here,

Visit us to enjoy our riddles


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WordPress Special Report About This Blog For 2014

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 40 trips to carry that many people.

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The Millionaire Prisoner

There was a millionaire who was sent into jail in a remote island waiting for his execution for a murder he committed.

As being a millionaire, he decided to bribe the prison guard to help him smuggle out of such prison island by any means and with any cost.

Millionaire Prisoner

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

The prison guard told him that guarding is an intensive and there was so tight escort that none could leave island except in case of death!!!

But the millionaire’s temptation with money to him made the prison guard think about a weird way to help the millionaire escape.

He told the millionaire about his strange idea and said:

“Listen! The only things, which can come out of such island unguarded, are the dead coffins which transported with two guarding men on a ship to the land to be quickly buried in graves with simple rituals and come back to the island. Coffins transported daily at ten in the morning in case of the dead.”

He continued saying:

“The only way to escape is to hide with a dead person in one of the coffins. Once the ship arrives land and they finish the coffin burial, I will take a permission to leave the prison for emergency reason and I will come to help you come out of such coffin after half an hour. Then I will return prison and you disappear for ambiguous reasons. Your disappearance will remain a mystery for them here in the prison island. What is your opinion about my plan???

The millionaire thought that it would be just a crazy risk. For him, it considered better than death penalty. Finally the plan was that the millionaire would creep into the place of coffins and hide in the first coffin he would meet, if he was lucky and there was death.

Next day, during the prisoners’ break, the millionaire went to the place of coffins. Fortunately he found two coffins. He felt panic from the idea of sleeping with a dead person in one coffin for an hour but he quickly thought that he was about to be executed and this is the survival instinct.

In order not to increase his horror, he closed his eyes while opening the coffin, entered the coffin then tightly closed it.

He started to hear the guards’ voice while they were transporting the coffins to the ship. He smelled the smell of the sea within the coffin. He felt the ship movement in the sea. Finally they reached the land.

He felt the movement of the coffin, and then heard a comment by one of the guarding men saying;

“How heavy is such dead???

Replied the other;

“Those prisoners do nothing but eating and sleeping that’s why you meet such excessive obesity!!”

The millionaire felt tension at first, and then got relieved once they stopped talking about the dead in the coffin.

Then, the millionaire felt the coffin burial. The heard the sound of sand hitting the coffin lid. The guards voice began slowly fade away. He was alone buried at a depth of 3 meters with such strange dead. There was a complete darkness. Breathing becomes more difficult with each passing minute.

Indeed, he did not trust such guard but he trusted that his love to the promising millions would force him come for sure.

The millionaire waited a lot. He tried to control his breathing so as not to consume Oxygen. Almost, half an hour remaining, and the prison guard would come and help him come out such horrible place and get comfort.

Millionaire Prisoner

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

After 20 minutes….. His breathing started to accelerate and feel suffocated.

He began to say;

“Just ten minutes…. the guard would come then I would breathe freedom and see light again.”

After few moments…

He started to cough,

Other ten minutes passed.

Oxygen was about to run out.

“Such stupid didn’t arrive yet!!!!” The millionaire said.

He heard a far voice so his beats started to accelerate.

“He must be the guard.” the millionaire said.

But the voice disappeared. He felt himself overwhelmed by a fit of hysteria. He began to imagine that the body of the dead moved. He imagined that the dead was smiling cynically at him.

He remembered that he had a cigarette light in his pocket. He got the light out to see the time in his watch.

Despite the lack of Oxygen, He tried to turn his light on then he closed the flame to the watch to see the time.

He said (out of breath):

“45 minutes passed!!!!……”

Although he felt completely terrified, he closed the flame to the dead face.

He saw something which he could never predict in life.

It was the face of the prison guard himself!!!!!!!!!!

What a shock!!!!!

He found out that the prison guard, whom, he was waiting all the time, was the dead whom he was sleeping with, in one coffin.

The only one, who knew that the millionaire was in a coffin under 3 meters in depth, is the dead body of the prison guard who rests in peace now with his briber.

The end………….


None can defy fate. Fate ironically defies people whom do not submit to God’s will. This irony of fate. Money is not everything in life, it can be a bless or can be a curse to its owner.

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The Seven Wonders Of The God About Human

One day, a teacher has asked her pupils to write a short essay about ” the seven Wonders”.

The Seven Wonders Of The World

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

Although ways of thinking differ from one pupil to another, the majority of pupils’ writings were about the following landmarks:

1- The Giza pyramids in Egypt

2- Taj Mahal in India

3- Grand Canyon – Colorado – United States

5- Flute Empire State – New York

6- Peter Basilica Italy Cathedral

7- Wall of China


While the teacher was gathering the papers, she noticed that one of the girl hasn’t finished yet.

“Do you have any problem in completing the seven wonders, dear? “The teacher said.

Replied the girl, saying: ” yes, teacher, somewhat. As I have found them too many.”

“Well…., Read what you have finished and we will help you in writing the rest?” the teacher replied.

Firstly, the girl hesitated for a while, and then started to read:

I think that the Seven Wonders are the following:”

– To see

– To hear

– To touch things

– To taste

– To feel

– To laugh

– To love

When the girl has finished her words, there was a complete silence spread in class.

Common sense

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

She continued saying:

“Such great things, that God has granted us, we have accustomed to their presence as usual in our life, are the real wonders that can not be built by hands or bought by money. They are simply inside us. Everybody can see them within.

Can you imagine as if they don’t exist? And imagine that you live without seeing, hearing, touching, tasting or laughing or even without love. Many people have already lost one of such God’s graces or more but surely they suffer much. It’s worthy to thank God for All blesses He gives us and all the graces we are living in. Thanks, God”

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Your Kid’s Tantrums

Your kids’ life passes through several phases. In each phase, the kids express their needs in tantrums. Such tantrum is a way of expressing themselves and their frustration if their mothers failed to get them what they need. They have no language skills to help them communicate with others or explain the reason behind their tantrums and why they are crying. That is why many mothers suffer from their kid’s tantrums and neither they know its reason nor their kids have a way to explain but the permanent cry.

kid tantrums

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images


Thus, as long as the woman accepts to have a baby, she should be much patient and follow regularly the steps that may lead to her kid’s tantrum as it is note-worthy. The mother should know how to recognize her kid’s tantrum. Not only to recognize it but also to recognize the phases of her kid’s childhood and its different tantrums regarding their ages.

The kid, as an infant, is about few months, can not express their needs except by crying. S/he does not have the ability to talk and say; “I am hungry” or ” I am thirsty”. In addition, the kid’s tantrum does not only stem from being hungry or thirsty. There are many other things an infant may need.

That is why, the mother sometimes finds her infant severely crying, although she has just fed them. So she should realize that her infant may be in a need for more milk feeding or more water. Therefore, she should make sure that she fed her baby well and that her kid is no longer thirsty. Also mother should put into consideration her baby’s diaper that may lead to their permanent cry and the baby may be irritated from a dirty diaper and need a diaper change. Mother should take care of that, as it usually causes irritation.

Moreover the infant may be in no need for food nor water and his diaper may have been just changed. In such case, it can be concerned with some physical or health problems the infant may suffer from. Here, the mother should take her baby to the doctor, do a medical examination to her baby and follow the doctor’s instructions. These are causes may lead to your infant’s tantrum so mothers ought to take a good care of their babies till they can.

The kid moves from the phase of an infant to the phase of crawling in which the baby crawls everywhere. S/he wants to touch everything even if it may cause him a harm. The mother here in such case, should be ware that her baby is highly exposed to health problems and diseases because they always touch the floor and exposed to dust and the like. Their hands and feet are always dirty and the mother has to take care of her baby’s Cleanliness. Once the mother starts to lift her baby up, s/he may cry and start their tantrum because their eagerness to explore the ground and touch things.


The baby moves then to the toddler’s phase, in which the baby is about one or two years old. This age has different tantrums by which the toddler expresses their dissatisfaction with things. They have more problems not only being hungry nor thirsty. S/he may have the ability to go to the bathroom by themselves. The kid here is more active and energetic. S/he moves so much everywhere exploring everything and needs to hold anything around. Once s/he finds anything unreachable, the kid gets troubled so easily starting to show their dissatisfaction and tantrum. The kid may want to hold something harmful like that of playing with matches.

child tantrums

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

When the mother prevents her kid from doing that, s/he bursts into tears. In such case the mother should deal with her kid intelligently by attracting their attention to another thing or amusing them instead of shouting or giving orders.


Many phases in kid’s life witness their different tantrums. When such toddler grows up and becomes about six years old. S/he has their different problems but in such case they have the language that helps them ask for what they want. Their tantrums may be about needing something which their mother sees unsuitable then. They may not want to go to school and cry because mother forces them to get up early and go to school. The mother here can wisely give a clear explanation to her child. She can kindly convince them of the importance of education and that they should learn to be well-educated instead of saying clear “No”.

To sum up, mothers suppose to be much patient dealing with their kids. They should recognize the phases they live. They should appreciate their kids’ tantrums and not to underestimate it in order to know how to deal with it to reduce their tantrums or convince them with the correct and live peacefully.

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Catch Your Life With A Positive Vibrations

Many people want to be healthy, to feel happiness, joy, love, wealth, abundance… to live life to the fullest…  but somehow sometimes there are not so succeed in some areas of theirs  life.

Rock your life

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

Why is this so?

Let me help You understand just a little bit…

There is the Universe…

Our Galaxy…

and our planet…

and individuals…..

And inside of our body are organ systems…

and than there are the cells…


…atoms …

and at the end there is energy


So there a lots of level to talk about but being aware of it or not, everything in universe is energy…

Someone can feel it, someone can see it , but only what is matter for you is your faith in good and feeling good,  knowledge  that every single thing in our materialistic world comes from our head, from our mind, from our energy vibrations.

So the simplest: If u think and if you feel positive you will attract the positive things in your life.

But if you think and feel in negative way in some particular areas of your life you will attract negative and bad things…  Everything is about

Frequency waves which are u sending to the universum … and to which it responds to you…

So, whether you think positively or negatively in any case you are right because your thoughts and vibration shape reality…

One exercise for the start:

Turn off your mobile, daily insulate yourself from environment about 20 minute and you can play a nice relaxing music, which will give you the set- your inner emotions and wishes for some particular area in your life which u want to improve.  And just let the emotions that overwhelm you. Try to feel true to what you want to achieve because if that feeling is in you and with you every single day, your reality will very quickly get the right shape of your emotions,

Amazing life

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

Just be in the positive frequency and you have nothing to worry about because you are master of your mind! So create your life and breath! blissfully!

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Many Things Deserve In Life

People may think that Life is full of problems, conflicts and troubles. Some always mourn their luck, some always look at the empty part of the glass of water and see life pessimistically and some live hopeless, without a hope they can live for.

Many things deserve in life

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

Their sight never falls on a beautiful thing which God created for us; They never translate nature as having beautiful scenes. Once one begins to think negatively in such way and live roaming or Stumbling at every problem. At that time, life is meaningless for them and losing one’s life is “no matter” for him or her.

Such one’s psychology, that lost link with hope and with the concept of optimism, can constantly leave a bad impact on people around, radiating negative messages to others through pessimistic words, aggressive behaviors. Life is no better for them.

So no difference between life and death. No difference between white and black. Everything has a dark color in their eyes. And it is time for wondering their common questions; ” why have we been created?” and “Have God created us to be tortured in such meaningless life?”

The idea here is not in life as being good or bad but in one’s mentality that follows strands of hope and contemplates in how life has many things deserve to live for, or translates everything in life as an indignation. Such disaffection and discontent upon life can lead to many problems.

It may lead to panic disorder so you can meet people in life who fear everything and always predict disasters even when there is no real danger and see everything as bad omens.

On the other hand people who always feel satisfaction and look at the good part of things even if they really go through critical circumstances. Such type of people never forget the infinite number of graces, God have always been showering us with. They feel satisfied just as they know that surely their sustenance is determined by God and no one can have a control over their life.

Many things deserve in life

Image Credit: Google Copyright Free Images

They have a great trust upon God and that bounty is only brought by God. God have His own prudence in the laws of giving and preventing. No human being can give or prevent except by God’s will. This is a great trust in the Divine Entity. Thus, there is no psychological diseases, no pessimism and only satisfaction overwhelms. In brief, our life has many things deserve.

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