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How To Capture Your Lover’s Heart

At first, let us agree that women love what they hear, while men love what they see. Nowadays, girls and women are preoccupied with study, work, invitations and parties.        The most exhausting thing for the girl is to find a lover who can really love her. The woman completely believes that man likes her external appearance more than her inner beauty.

How To Capture Your Lover's Heart

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– We know that emotional relationships are determined by fate and destiny but surely you have a role or at least, work out your part.

– what are the effective tips for the girl to capture her lover’s heart???

– Can girls take the old-fashioned way of love like dating then let love develops normally???

– Do you have enough patience to wait for a result???

Many questions, you have to get their answers to realize the best way to capture such man’s heart.


Do you want to meet you soul mate???

Nowadays, only naive girls and fools leave love to its normal track. So you have to take a different action. You have to deal with the matter in a way suits your favor or you will live the rest of your life in accompany of your parents.


 Now you can make him blindly fall in love with you but there are some tips:

Be careful, the exaggerate enthusiasm in the first meeting with your lover is one of relation failure causes. So, do not try to smile nor try to show over politeness more than the usual.

You have to choose the proper time of love for you both.

– You have to ask for love indirectly and without disturbance as men hate frequent insisting and you will find no response.

– You have to be confident and have a strong character. Never be weak in front of him or make him feel your weaknesses.

– Trust yourself and be caring.

– share his cares and affairs. Be a little bit ambiguous. That will make him get curious to know more about you.

– Do not say “I Love you” much. As if it is repeated much, it will lose its meaning and brightness and he would get familiar with it.

– Attract him to your inner beauty and make him notice it rather than your outer one.

– Be sober because men like the women who has a strong conceited character other wise they will be arrogant and haughty.

– Surely girls are kind-hearted creatures. Their shyness increases their beauty. Thus, make him admire your shyness and meekness.

– Make your lover feel that you are his loyal friend, meek sister. Be everything for him. Show mother’s care and wife’s obedience and share.

– Be smart in your actions and behaviors. Behave normally and never be simulated. Men really like smart and intelligent women.

How To Capture Your Lover's Heart

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For your outer appearance

– The perfect appearance of the clothes should be;

– Attractive

– Comfortable

– Give self-confidence

– Reflect the social law

– Reflect your style and personality.


It is known that complexion is the secret of women’s beauty.

That’s why; you have to take care of your face beauty and the pureness of your complexion and its brightness. You have to clean up your skin regularly.

– Use the appropriate cream for your skin. It is always affected by sun rays and get darker so you can use a suitable sunscreen cream.

– Keep your complexion always washed and cleaned.

– You have to use cosmetics in a way in which you appear simple and beautiful. And you can only depend one your natural beauty.

By doing so, it would reflect your external beauty beside you inner one.

Now your lover’s heart is in your hand. Enjoy your life with your lover who falls in love with you. Remember, share is care.


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How To Make A Healthy Green Salad

All people know the great healthy value of salad. Salad is a healthy dish served fresh at any time with every meal. It is not only a healthy dish; it is also considered a quick and easy meal. Salad is also good for people who are going on a diet as they are in need to lose weight. They eat much salad as it is low in calories and fat. Here are some basic steps to make a healthy salad.

How To Make A Green Salad

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–  The vegetables required

Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, carrots, lettuce, parsley, celery.

– 6 tablespoons of virgin olive oil

– 2 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar

– 1 teaspoon of salt

– 1 teaspoon of pepper



Make sure that you have washed greens well and gently, especially lettuce. All varieties of lettuce available. You should wash lettuce well and rub it under cold water, Cut the leaves off.


– Dry greens completely


– Chop up the vegetables. Slice cucumbers. Make the carrots and onions shredded, the tomatoes and bell pepper diced.


– Chop other greens; lettuce, parsley, celery.


– Place the greens in a bowl.


– Sprinkle the salad in the bowl with the salt and pepper.


– Pour the virgin olive oil and the vinegar or the lemon juice into the bowl.


– Toss gently but thoroughly. Use your hands or two large spoons to gently turn the greens over in the bowl until they’re well coated. Taste a leaf and add a little oil, vinegar, salt, or pepper until the salad is seasoned correctly. Serve the salad immediately.

How to make a healthy salad

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Finally, enjoy your healthy green dish. You can add many things you like in your salad including Cheese diced or meat slices.

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Top Ten Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger has too many benefits. Such simple plant is completely rich. There are top ten ginger benefits that found to be the healthiest. Ginger is an herbal plant mainly used as spices for food. After many researches on ginger, researchers have found many great ginger benefits that can be a cure for some diseases and preventing another, such as cancer, diabetes and others.

Top Ten Benefits Of Ginger

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Ginger is considered among the plants that contains health benefits and many vitamins (A, C, E, and B) as well. In addition, it is highly rich with magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, iron, zinc, calcium and beta-carotene.

Ginger has anti properties such as anti- fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

Before showing the top ten healthy ginger benefits. It should be taken into consideration that once one uses something excessively, it can be harmful somehow later on.


The top ten ginger benefits


1-The benefits of ginger for diabetics

Diabetics drink ginger as it lowers the level of sugar in blood. Doctors always advice diabetics to drink at least one cup of hot ginger in the morning. It is better for them to use fresh ginger not that grinded.

These are some studies that have been published before about ginger benefits in lowering sugar in blood.

1- A study has been published in August 2012, in a magazine called “Plantar Medical” has indicated that ginger has a long-term influence on diabetics.

2- Some researchers from Sydney-Australia University have found out that ginger can increase the absorption of glucose into muscle cells without using Insulin. Thus, it helps in fixing sugar levels in blood.


2- Ginger can help you get rid of stomach disorder

Ginger properties in expelling gases from stomach make it one of the best plants that help in stomach-disorder treatment. In addition, it helps stomach muscles and intestines to relax and prevents gases in stomach. Health experts frequently recommend people to drink ginger as it contributes to treat some serious stomach diseases such as Indigestion, Colic. It mainly used in the treatment of diarrhea caused by bacteria.


3- Ginger benefits in improving heart health

Ginger has long been used to enhance heart health. It lowers the level of cholesterol in blood and prevents blood from clotting. It reduces the exposure of many risks of heart diseases. The proportion of potassium and manganese in ginger is great. It provides better health for the heart. Such great benefits make ginger in the head of plants and herbs that help in improving and providing health for heart muscle.


4- Ginger protects against cold and flu

Among of ginger great benefits, it contributes to strengthen the immune system by stimulating sweating. That’s why ginger is used as a natural remedy for cold and flu. It also contains anti-toxins and anti-fungal. To get rid of cold, you can drink three cups of ginger daily. There is another cure in which you can cut ginger in boiling water then inhaling the steam coming out of ginger water. By doing so you can relieve cold and flu symptoms.


5- Cancer prevention

Ginger can be used in the treatment of ovarian cancer. According to Some researches have been conducted in Michigan University, proved that ginger powder causes the death of ovarian cancer. According to another study the University of Minnesota, found that ginger may slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells and thus helps the prevention of colon cancer. It can also defeat several other types of cancer cells including lung, breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate and pancreas.

Two spoons of ginger can be enough for cancer prevention. There are many countries that drink and eat ginger daily such as India, China and Japan. That’s why there is no colon cancer much there.

Top Ten Benefits Of Ginger Top Ten Benefits Of Ginger

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6- Ginger reduces menstrual pain

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and natural analgesic properties. Thus, it can be used to relieve women from pains in such period. Women that suffer from menstrual pain can use ginger powder to be relieved naturally from such pain. In such period, women can drink much hot ginger and they will see the great relieving immediate result.


7- Ginger benefits to get rid of morning sickness for pregnant women

Among of tremendous ginger benefits is that it helps the pregnant woman to get rid of morning sickness resulting from pregnancy. It is completely like Vitamin B6 in the treatment of morning sickness. Chewing ginger is the best way to get rid of such sickness. In case that you can not bear ginger flavor, you can take ginger supplements.


8- Ginger benefits in the treatment of migraine headache

Studies have proved that ginger can treat migraine headaches because of its ability to stop prostaglandins causing the pain and blood vessels inflammation. In the case of migraines, you can during ginger tea during migraine attacks to prevent the unbearable pain and stop dizziness.


9- Ginger handles cough

Ginger is a natural analgesic pain and bacteria killer. It can be used to soothe the pain and irritation of a sore throat which leads to calm cough resulting from colds. It can also rapidly heat the body or warm it which helps the body to get rid of phlegm. You can chew some fresh ginger or drink ginger juice or tea to stop cough.

10- Ginger reduces arthritis pain

Ginger has a great benefit in reducing arthritis pain and thus inflammation of gout, rheumatism and arthritis in the knee. To treat such pain, you should mix warm ginger with turmeric and apply it to the affected area twice a day. You can also use ginger oil in the treatment of muscle soreness and joints. You must not forget that Ginger is not a cure for arthritis, but it can only help to relieve pain and inflammation.


In the end, there are many of ginger benefits, which I have not mentioned yet. It is advisable, to you keep the ginger in your kitchen cupboard and use it as a daily basis, that will help you a lot to get a normal healthy life and prevent many diseases you don not know.

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How To Learn English As A Beginner

Repeatedly, many people ask their usual question “How can we learn English well?”, Such question has been repeatedly asked by many students or English learners. Some people see that learning English is something difficult while others see that it is semi-impossible. On the other hand, there are some people find it so easy.

How to learn english as a beginner

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Thus, learning English is related with the people themselves and their tendency to learn a new language. Therefore, there are some tips should be taken into consideration in order to make learning English easy. Here are the following tips


The first step

You should know the important role of listening to English conversations and discussions. Even if you understand nothing of what u are listening to. By doing so, you make your ears get accustomed with hearing English and then get familiar with it.


The second step

Do not translate what you want to say into English Literally but memorize English phrases and start to use them to express what you want to say in English and repeat it as you can in order to memorize it well. That can help you in speaking English fluently.


The third step

Do not feel shy to use English while speaking, even if what you are saying is full of linguistic mistakes as the permanent practice will certainly lead you to success. Remember, being shy in using English can impede your learning process and make you frustrated.


The fourth step

Learn English grammar and learn how to pronounce words in a correct way that will help you in reading well. Only memorizing words is not enough for reading but understanding the linguistic rules and how to utter letters are much useful for being perfect in both, reading and writing.


The fifth step

Learn the sentence structure and how to form a complete sentence well. Learn the linguistic basic principals of writing as that differentiates between who writes in an academic way and who writes in a slang way (language used in streets).


The sixth step

Set a plan through which you can abide by memorizing 10 words at least (with good reading and good writing). That will enrich your vocabulary after short time. The more you have vocabulary, the more you are perfect and fluent at any language not only English.


The seventh step

Learning English is not conducted only by memorizing much vocabulary but also by many other important things like learning idioms. In English There are many idioms that can have many words bear other meanings besides their original ones like in “It’s raining cats and dogs”. That idiom does not mean the meaning of its words but has another meaning which is “it’s raining heavily “. That’s way knowing English idioms is also important in learning English.

How to learn English as a beginner

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The eighth step

Consider learning English as a hobby for you not something obligatory and you are forced to do it. to like your study, makes it easier to learn it. So, you can enjoy learning English through watching English movies or English programs and concentrate on their pronunciation and their way of speaking.


The ninth step

Never feel that you learnt English finally and then stop learning it. It is advisable to be in permanent learning and always update your language to what is new. Learning English has no sky. No limits in learning generally.



The tenth step

Make English tests for yourself regularly. Try to permanently correct your mistakes and avoid repeating it as learning English is a matter and being perfect in it a different matter. In the beginning we learn the English language spontaneously but later we must evaluate and correct we have learnt.


The eleventh step

Being confident is an important thing in learning English. The more you trust yourself, the more you like to practice English. Unlikely, if u do not trust yourself, you will be always in a fear of not to talk in order not to make a mistake.



The twelfth step

Make sure that the more you make mistakes, the more you will learn and the more you avoid repeating them. Everything in the beginning seems difficult but with your daily practice, trusting yourself and insisting on your target that will lead to your success.

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Suna Hai Kya Dard Ki Ek Had Bhi Hoti Hai

Suna Hai Kya Dard Ki Ek Had Bhi Hoti Hai

Milo Hum Say Kay, Hum Dard Kay Us Paar Bhi Jatay Hain

How To Make Awesome Love In Instant Way

Life, nowadays, has been filled with cheating and lies. That’s why; never trust anybody just says “I love you”. It is not conditional that the person, who tells you that s/he loves you, loves you really. Love is not just sweet words that have been always said but love is actions and behaviors. Love is a sincere feeling.

Awesome Love Tips

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In order to keep your lover’s love, here are some tips;


– Who really loves, never hurts their loved ones.

– Who really loves, can bear pain and never causes the beloved’s pain.

– Who really loves wishes to be forever with their beloved and never let them down.

– Who really loves, must carry out promises to their beloved.

-Love is not only moments passed in reality but also memorable moments that can not leave memory and still present in the lover’s mind and in their Imagination.

Love is not just a word but it is a meaning….. It is only felt by the one who has a big heart that can really love, give and sacrifice.

Love is the most beautiful feeling….. It makes everything in life smiling.

In love, The beloved must feel secured with their lover even if there is a distance between.

Love learns people how to forgive and tolerate…. it gives human sense of comfort and happiness.

Who really loves, tries to satisfy their beloved, even it is against their favor.

In love, neither leaves whom really loves you nor keep loving whom does not.

Never feel sorry about love you have lived even if it became a painful memory since if the flowers have dried up and lost their fragrance and nothing remains but thorns, do not forget that they have given you a beautiful fragrance made you happy one day.

Never destroy all links with your loved ones as there might be another chance given by fate to reunite again. It may restore everything and reunite what have been separated.

If the most beautiful moments have passed away, There can be much more beautiful moments coming. Who knows???

Love’s tears are very beautiful when they found lover’s hand wipes them.

If you decided to leave you beloved, do not leave them pains. As whom trusted and loved you once, never deserves to be left misery.

If fate determined separation, never remember but every sincere sense and talk about them nobly and gently and remember only the good time you have spent with.

If you felt alone, try to remember all the beautiful days. Leave out all feelings of pain and loneliness that have separated you.

Try to gather all sweet words that you have heard from your loved ones and remember your sincere talks with them.

If people have asked you about your beloved, never reveal any of the secrets between you.

Never try to distort their lovely image within yourselves. Make your heart a secret hideout for your beloved’s secrets and tales.

Love is ethics before being a feeling.

If destiny has determined to reunite you again, do not start blame and disconcerting and remember the last lovely moment to reunite the past with present.

Do not look for what happened in the past as what happened has already happened and finished, completely finished. Now, Present is more important than past. The moment of being gathered is more beautiful than many ones passed in loneliness.

Both, try to avoid your preceding faults that caused your separation in order to get an advantage of your last experiences. Never think of taking revenge from your beloveds, as it would cause a loss in your emotional life.

Remember, taking revenge is not an attitude in lovers’ world. It is awful to be a knight without ethics.

When separation is severely required, never leave a solution to reunite not taken. If you find out that all the doors of reconciliation are closed between you. There is no hope. In the case that, whom you truly love, has given up loving you and considered you just a memory, here you must think that your dignity is much more important than your broken heart.

It is not fair to keep calling a lover who does not hear you or live in a place where no body knows you or to live on a memory of someone whom left you alone and chose separation without a reason.

Man’s love appears through words, but woman’s love appears through tears and kisses.

Three people have the same mentalities: The poet, the insane and the lover.

It means nothing to be the first beloved to a woman, but it means everything to be the last one.

Smart lover always tries to make his lady laugh and smile as woman’s heart looks like the kid’s always keens on playing and laughing.

Teddy Bear

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Always remember that some of friendships based on sacrifice, the majority of love based on sacrifice, but marriage means the sacrifice itself.

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New Year’s Feng Shui – Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

Choosing a gift to someone who you love and that while it has strong Feng Shui energy, is not easy at all. Here’s what you can give to loved ones in order to follow the positive energy and prosperity in the coming year.

New Year's Feng Shui - Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

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Himalayan crystal lamp

You’ve heard of Himalayan salt and all its advantages, but did you know that the Himalayan lamp will be an excellent gift for the upcoming holidays? After Feng Shui masters, this lamp releases negative ions into the air and brings positive energy in the home.
Saline crystal – comes from the depths of the Himalayas. Mankind for centuries used this natural wealth that has the following characteristics:
• Improves power of concentration and provides easy sleep.
• Has a beneficial effect on the disease of allergies and asthma.
• Neutralize Electrosmog that forms around on household appliances (TV, PC, etc.).
• Enhances the effect of relaxation exercises.
• In addition to the beneficial effects lamp of Himalayan salt provides gentle, warm light, very decorative and
• It can be a decoration in your home.


Good luck wood in Feng Shui is a natural bamboo and it is considered as one of the most popular “drugs” against negative energy in your home. This plant can be placed even in the bathroom. In any case it will bring peace, good energy and calmness so it is considered like an ideal gift, whether that is intended for a birthday or for upcoming holidays.

In parts of East Asia, there are bamboo forest wood and in Japan it makes the most of the forest. It is often grown as garden plants. In Asia, bamboo stalks are used for building houses and bridges, making furniture and paper production. In China bamboo is a symbol of longevity.

Candlestick in the form of moon

If you are preoccupied with your work and you have a stressful moments, you can always light the candles and enjoy in peace and silence. Just because the candlestick in the form of a moon is an ideal gift for your favorite ones. Treat them moments of peace, relaxation and good energy with help of this wonderful details.

Red candlestick

The elegant chandelier of red color is something that every home should have. Beautiful red color will make a good energy in the home and as that say Feng Shui masters it will ensure you a long life. Lovely little thing for the festive days.

Classical Feng Shui gifts

The classical Feng Shui gift is always a great choice to make someone under the tree. For instance, decorative figurines crystal tree with money, turtles, dragons and other Feng Shui figurines. Choose one of them, repackage them and give them to someone.

Olive pillow of silk

Do you adore olive green color? I am sure that your friend will love it and it will fit nicely with the interior. The Chinese cushions with tassels will bring a touch of luxury to the home and moments of well-being.

Table lamp in black and red shades

Excellent detail in the bedroom because of excellent color combination. The dramatic red and black encourages a good balance and Yin & Yang energy, and these holidays are a great excuse to enter a passion in the bedroom.

New Year's Feng Shui - Energy Gifts For Positive And Harmonious Year

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Red satin bedclothes

Ideal gift for each couple or friends is a red satin bedclothes, just like the black – red lamp which can enter a passion into your bedroom.

Giving even small gifts is nice gesture and a good way to show how much you love and appreciate some person. So, select some of the gifts and cheer your loved ones!

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Feng Shui Tips For Christmas Tree

Christmas tree brings good mood but also activates the zone where you put it.

Feng Shui Christmas Tree

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During the holidays, all is about preparation and euphoria. Not only that feng shui helps in home furnishing and contributes to prosperity, but it also offers advice on how to Christmas and New Year decoration can be managed so that create positive energy in our home. If you think that it makes no difference where you put the Christmas tree and decorate it as you will, you are wrong!

Place for Christmas tree by Feng Shui is of paramount importance, because it will bring harmony in the home.

Feng shui experts suggest that the tree can be stored, depending on what you want and expect from the next year:

  • East (health and family)
  • Southeast (money and abundance)
  • South (fame and reputation)

In addition you have chosen a favorable place, decorate the tree with colors that will bring you a better career, more health, love and prosperity.

Feng Shui Tips For Christmas Tree

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Here are the best colors for the tree:

North (for career): lanterns in blue, gray, black and white color, hang on the north, because they symbolize the water and metal elements.

West (creativity): insert colors like gray and earth tones that will stimulate the creatively of your side.

Northeast (for self-confidence): it is recommended ornaments in red, pink, yellow and earth tones. These colors symbolize fire and earth and they are excellent for building a personality.

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How To Cook Spaghetti

Usually the most satisfying meals are those the simplest to put together.

There are simple meals appeal to moms to cook such as spaghetti . Spaghetti is one of the simplest and the most delicious meals that can be served to children or grownups and get their admiration because of its good taste with its tomato paste especially if it is served with french fries, chicken slices, chicken pane or with fried meatballs. Such dish would not take hours. It can be served in minutes.

Spaghetti Meat Sauce

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How delicious this dish!!


– boiling water

– Salt and olive oil

– Black pepper or favorite spicy

– Your favorite packaged spaghetti or pasta

– Your favorite Paste sauce or fresh tomatoes

– Some minced garlic

The steps


For Spaghetti

1- fill a medium size pot about 3/4 of the way full of water.

2- add a teaspoon of salt to the water to help the pasta soak up the water faster and add 1/4 cup of the olive oil to keep the pasta from sticking together.

3- Turn the stove high to allow the water to boil ( set a timer for about 10 minutes)

4- when the water is boiling, empty the entire package of spaghetti into the water.

5- Stir the pasta well in the water ( Set the timer for another 10 minutes)

( 10 minutes is enough to have your pasta cooked not hard. Consider that there are different kinds of Pasta requires different times on stove. )

6- Place a strainer in the sink to drain the paste ( Be careful of the boiling water and avoid splashing).

7- Run cool water over the pasta to stop its increasing heat and make sure that all the excess water is out.


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For Tomato sauce

 1- Add some of the olive oil into a smaller pot then add the minced garlic in order to stir it carefully with the oil, when it has the golden color, you can find your favorite pasta sauce and empty the jar into the pot.

– If you have a fresh tomato , you can mix it in the blender to get tomato sauce and use it instead.

2- add some salt and black pepper to the tomato sauce or the spices you like.

3- Cover the sauce with a lid and leave it to a medium heat.

4- Be sure to stir the sauce periodically and taste it to determine what it needs.

– After few minutes, your sauce should be hot and ready to be taken of the stove.

– Put spaghetti in a larger plate and pour the sauce over top.

– Serve it with some french fries or meatballs.

– Now, enjoy your delicious dish….

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Bout Anxiety – A Brief Introduction With Treatment

It is normal to feel worried or scared from time to another. Everybody passes through such feeling now and then. In fact, The bout of anxiety, with a certain degree, can be helpful . Sense of anxiety might help people be reactive and act properly when exposed to a real risk. It can be a motivating element to some people to excel in work they are taking over or at home.

Bout Anxiety - A Brief Introduction With Treatment

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But when it is repeated or permanent to the extent that the worried person sharply suffers and it would impede the peace of their daily life. Most likely, such person suffers from “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. This disorder causes excessive and unrealistic anxiety. It causes a sense of fear that goes beyond the normal reaction to a certain situation. It makes man’s fear increase more than it is needed in the normal case.

Life, under such generalized disorder, may become too difficult. But there are ways to treat such anxiety. There are medical treatment and psychological treatment that can contribute in reducing anxiety symptoms. The person who suffers from anxiety can acquire different skills to relieve symptoms of anxiety and face such problem to overcome it, thus they can return to live peacefully and normally.

Anxiety Symptoms

Generalized anxiety symptoms vary from person to another, wither in terms of its types or its severity. It includes the following:

– Headaches

– Nervousness or Tension

– The feeling of a lump in throat

– Difficulty in concentration

– Fatigue

– Irritability and Impatience

– Confusion

– Feeling tense muscles

– Insomnia ( Difficulty in falling a sleep)

– hyperthyroidism ( Excessive sweating)

– Breathlessness

– Abdominal Pain

– Diarrhea

The bout of generalized anxiety makes the person in a permanent state of anxiety. The patient may feel worried about t of their personal security or their loved ones. They may have a permanent sense that something bad will happen even if there is no a significant risk.

Such anxiety bout starts, usually, at relatively early age. Generalized anxiety symptoms develop more slowly than in any other disorders. Most people who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder can not remember the last time they felt improvement and tranquility.

There is no a clear reason to such generalized anxiety disorder like other psychiatric disorders. The researches believe that it resorts to the natural chemicals in brain ” Neurotransmitter ” such as (Serotonin) and (Nor epinephrine/Noradrenaline). It can be assumed that this problem has a variety of reasons. it may include biological processes occur in the body, genetic factors and environmental factors surrounding and lifestyle.

In addition to different types of phobias, Panic attacks, Obsessive or compulsive Disorder. Generalized anxiety bout constitutes one of the kinds of the most common anxiety disorder. The majority of people with generalized disorder believe that the source of such anxiety stems from their childhood. There are also cases that can have anxiety but arises and develops in other later phases. Some researches indicated that the percentage of women who have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder is much more than the percentage of men in the same case.

There are some factors that can increase the risk of Generalized anxiety Disorder including:

Harsh Childhood

Children who have suffered from some difficulties or distress in their childhood as being witnessed to traumatic events. They are more likely to suffer from such disorder.


People who suffered from serious diseases such as Cancer. They suffer from the bout of anxiety fearing their future and its consequences of Painful medication or their economic situation. Such elements can form an extra psychological burden.


The accumulation of stress, as a result of stressful situations in life, may generate the sense of acute anxiety. For example, a disease that requires absence from work that can cause a loss in one’s income, the thing that can cause psychological tension consequently.

The Character

people with psychological needs, that are not met as it is required, are more likely exposed to Such type of disorder. Such as The romantic relationships that are not satisfactory to the person concerned. They may have no sense of being secure. Some personality disorders such as (Borderline personality disorder) can be classified among generalized anxiety disorders.

Genetic factors

Some studies indicate that there is a genetic source to generalized anxiety disorder. It can be inherited from a generation to another.

Treatment of Anxiety

Treating anxiety has two parts: the medical therapy and the psychological treatment. They can be in a need to definitely determine the patient’s proper treatment and to specify the one that can make the patient feel comfortable and reassuring.

Bout Anxiety - A Brief Introduction With Treatment

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Pharmacological treatment of anxiety

There are various types of pharmacological treatment of anxiety to reduce the anxiety side effects including;

Anti-anxiety drugs:

like (Benzodiazepines), they are calming materials it reduces the anxiety feeling in 30-90 minutes. But they may be addictive if taken for more than few weeks.

Antidepressant drugs

These drugs affect the work of neurotransmitters (Neurotransmitter) which are known to have an important role in the emergence and development of anxiety disorders.

The list of medications used to treat generalized anxiety disorder, includes, inter alia: Prozac – Prozac (fluoxetine – Fluoxetine) and others.

The psychological treatment of anxiety

In such case, the patient needs to receive assistance and support by people work in The field of psychological health through talking to patients and the good listening to them.

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